Without whom, we are nothing

There’s a great post up now on the blog of the campaign to Save Walsalls Green Spaces and Countryside Services. This is the subject I’ve been banging on about so much recently.

Written by Roger ‘Ziksby’ Jones, and featuring his artwork, the post is a wonderful expression of the aims and urgency of the group.

We still need signatures on the petition, and today is the day of the static protest in Walsall outside the Council House at 5:00pm. About the protest, the group say:

A static and peaceful protest (more of a vigil) outside the Council House in Walsall to let our local councillors attending the full council meeting, that we are not going away and that saving our green spaces, parks and countryside services means a lot to us and we’re not going to let them forget that! The Police have been advised of the protest. At 6 pm it is intended to attend the meeting so that our presence is felt within as well as outside.

Please help if you can.

A great post, for a great cause. Please click on the image to visit the blog and read the article.

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