Party like its… 1998?

I like this a lot. Way back in 1998, an officer for Walsall Council was given the job of taking some pictures of Brownhills town centre. The lady in question was handed a digital camera that took floppy disks, which lay filed away for 15 years until yesterday, when the disks came to light again. Very kindly, I’ve been given permission to use the images they contain here on the blog.

It’s easy to think that 1998 wasn’t that long ago, but we’re zipping back a decade and a half, to a period when the Internet was just going mainstream. Brownhills was declining, certainly, but much had still to change.

This is a wonderful gallery, and I’m very grateful to the person who shared them. There are shops here I’d totally forgotten. Thanks so much for sending the pictures in. I owe you one.

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23 Responses to Party like its… 1998?

  1. Jane Booth says:

    Brownhills hasn’t changed in 15 years, except that most of the shops are closed. Whatever happened to progress.

  2. Caz says:

    This brings back memories, Just Wool and Maunds in Ravenscourt were 2 of my favourite shops. It’s such a shame to see all these shops standing empty now.

  3. Peter Leek says:

    Brownhills with shops that look open, u’ll be finding pictures of me grandad’s old shop next

  4. Clive says:

    Not a Charity shop in sight! Thanks for the photos.

  5. kate Goodall says:

    Did i ever mention that my Uncle Brian and Auntie Pam had Terry’s Fruit Bowl in Silver Court for some years? I worked Saturdays for them when I was about 14. Lunch was always a bag of chips from over the road. Was it Mario’s back then? I really can’t be sure. Grateful as I was for the grub, almost better was having something to warm my hands on; that shop was bloody freezing.

    • I remember it well. You probably have served me. The chipper opposite was, back then, The Fryer – Marios was down opposite Provost Chemists; before Mario’s it was called The Galleon.
      Remember the Health Food Shop and the Video Rental pace on the end?


  6. njhag says:

    Range Records and Tapes . Ah happy days.

  7. Blimey, the cars look ancient! Great pics -)

  8. brian says:

    On the photo going up the High St towards the miner, I’ve often wondered why the road sign is on the opposite side of the road. Is this unique to Brownhills or are there others about? I’ve never really noticed.

  9. Sue (Fletcher) Bruyn says:

    I went to school with a boy called Clive Kingston who’s dad had a shop in Brownhills called Brownhills Boot and Shoe Shop – is it still there?

  10. philcburton says:

    Brilliant photos, brings back memories

  11. NICK ELLIOTT says:

    Fantastic pics..Thank you..!! I Wonder if Silver Court still stands / exists..?? I remember going to the motorcycle shop that used to be there….. 😀

  12. Joanne says:

    😮What a trip down memory lane!!! But what a shame that the high street I was born and raised in is such a crap hole now makes me feel so ashamed to say I’m from Brownhills wish we could go back to them days.

  13. CLIVE POOLE says:

    love to go back to them days

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