Walsall Wood 1871 Inclosure

Here is a photo gallery of the complete 1871 Walsall Wood Inclosure Award map and associated documentation, kindly supplied to the blog by the wonderful Hilary Little. This is a huge gallery – over 600 megabytes – and is published in full to give as complete a record as possible of such an important document.

I can’t thank Hillary enough for this. To come is far more material in the form of transcriptions, more images and explanations. Hilary has been very generous and the quantity of media is massive – so please bare with me while I undertake the task of getting over a gigabyte of material online.

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  4. Erla Angell says:

    Hi Bob,
    Enjoying your posts as I am doing research on the Cater Family around the area, for a friend
    here in OZ. Have you managed to find a photo of Hope Cottage yet ? I have found that Thomas Cater was living at the Cottage at Ogley Hay on the 1871C with his family and not long before the family left for Australia, so would love to include a photo for them
    Any help appreciated
    Many thanks

    • ray share says:

      hope cottage was in salters road my grandfather lived there followed by his daughter copper mason lived next door caters had a shop next to the methodist chapel in walsall wood bill cater had two shops in brownhills high street

  5. Cathy says:

    Wow just stumbled onto this site and found my ancestor Edmund Arblaster and the fabulous map showing where he lived. Thank you so much. Cathy.

  6. maurice ivor birch says:

    Hi’ my name is Maurice Ivor Birch Author of Aldridge on a roll, in 1969 i began sketching old or interesting buildings which stood or still stand in and around our village, the scroll is 17 inches deep and 100 yards long and i have just completed 296 yards, i need another 4 or five pictures to complete it but am struggling to find them and would ask if any of your readers have photo’s of Dumblederry lane farm Aldridge, formerly Drumble Dairy, the Palace Cinema (blood tub) Brookland Road Walsall Wood, or pictures of Vigo Road Junction, Copes chip shop, Knights Grocery Store, and terraced houses which stood in Brookland road, Vigo road, Aldridge road, and Salters road, Walsall Wood, best wishes Maurice

  7. Jeanie says:

    Hi Brownhills Bob.
    thanks to you and Hilary for the awesome task of photographing and publishing these old maps. It is wonderful to see names on them – I was looking for Mason. I didn’t find it, and wondered if perhaps you had known where any of the Mason line were living in Walsall. They are in the baptisms records in the 1500’s and my line left in the late 1700’s. So finding it a bit of a challenge to try to find out what the family did in Walsall and where they were. Current hypothesis leather working based on some photos on the Walsall museum website. Just thought you may know something because of the extensiveness of your website and you clearly love Walsall and district.

  8. David Evans says:

    Hi Jeanie
    a Joseph Mason from Lincolnshire and his large family of 8 children lived at 1 Friezland Lane Brownhills..he was an engineer in the local coalmine. ancestry census check might help you further. Good luck kind regards David

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