Summer up at Castlefort. Notice the bike leaning centre-left - but which doctor lived here? Picture from 'Memories of Old Walsall Wood' by Bill Mayo & John Sale.

Here’s a local quiz, based mainly on Walsall Wood, set by reader David Evans. Many of the answers can be found in previous posts here on the Brownhills Blog, and please comment any answers below. I’ve added this as a page so it’s always easy to find. Let’s see what you know…

Who, what, where… one names, places and features:

The Cape

The Hotspot

The Brook

The Batters – two answers, please

Co-op Corner

The Cutting

The Blood tub

Love Lane

Bates ‘ butchers

Jones’ butchers

Charlie and Nellie’s

Cock Robin

Goodings garage

The Prims

Which doctor had a princess?

Which doctor lived up Castlefort?

Where was the Wood’s surgery?

Smiths the Chemists… where?

Smith the Bakers… where?

Smith’s the grocers… where?

The WMC along Salters… where?

The WMC along Friezland… where?

Where was Polly Dixon’s?

Where were three fish and  chips shops in Walsall Wood?

Where and who were two gents’ barbers?

Where and what was Baileys?

What and where were Gunn and Sivorn’s?

Where was New Street?

What was Southgate’s?

What colour were the Harper’s buses?

What was Sunnyside?

What was Utopia?

What and where was the Watersplash?

Where was the Police station in Walsall Wood?

How many banks were in the High Street?

What used to be where the all-weather football pitch is?

Two ice-cream sellers in the streets. One had a pony and cart. Name both sellers, and the pony.

One coal merchant used a horse and cart. Who?

Where was the air-raid siren on its pole?

Where and what was The Boot

Who lived the Streets Corner bungalow. What was his occupation?

I bet this wee fella could answer all these with ease - lovely image from 'Memories of Old Walsall Wood' by Bill Mayo & John Sale.