Can you identify this mystery cottage?

Image of a cottage once in Hall Lane, courtesy of Colin White.

Here’s a fascinating one that’s literally just come in: Aldridge history buff and genealogist Colin White posted this picture this afternoon, found in his family effects, and asked where it stood.

Colin believes this image was where his wife’s family lived in Hall Lane and thinks the image dates from 1900.

The cottage bears the number 237 and that is, I think, a clue: The canal cottages at the Black Cock end of the lane still bear their canal plaques 238 and 239, despite having street numbers of 178 and 180.

I think it’s possible this cottage was adjacent to the right of these two:

Imagery and mapping embedded from Google Maps/Streetview.

Colin added:

My wife’s great grandparents resided in hall lane early 1911 and we discovered this photo.

I think it still stood in 1921 looking forward to the next census info!

I believe hat my wife’s great grandmother died in 1936 living in Hall Lane number 140 by then so the cottage may have come down by that time not sure ?

My question is simple: Can you help Colin with more info about this house? Do you remember it, or know when it came down? Do you remember number 140, which seems to have been replaced ivy modern housing in the 60s or 70s?

David Evans recalls a Snail Bank Cottage being in the Hall Lane area: Was this it?

If you can help, please do get in touch. Either comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or tug my coat on Social Media.

Cheers to Colin for a great photo and very intriguing enquiry.



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9 Responses to Can you identify this mystery cottage?

  1. FB. Lycett says:

    More than certain it is a BCN cottage, the two next to Black Cock bridge are still there, not sure where that one was situated, but that looks like a BCN number on the front, 211 is Pelsall Stop, there are Two in Lindon Rd., check the numbers out

  2. Chris Smith says:

    From what my Mom told me I’ve always understood that there was one more cottage nearer to the canal but that as the land subsided and the ramping had to expand it was knocked down. I also understood that it belonged to one of the Hollands (my Nan’s family more recently living between Streets Corner and The Vigo. I have failed miserably to find any evidence to confirm the existence of the cottage or any family member living there despite clearly recalling my Mom saying that Uncle Don (Cnclr James Donald Holland) used to walk along the canal to Clayhanger and then up to Commonside where she lived (that would suggest circa 1925-35) and she even remembered him scatting along on the ice when the canal was frozen.

    Can anyone suggest where I might get more information, or even have information please?

    Thank you,


  3. Brenda Ward says:

    I know of nowhere on the BCN where there are three cottages together. There are several places where there are two like Black Cock Bridge & Aston, Minworth and several other places on the BCN. Cottages were not always numbered in sequence but I wonder if there was one at Cats Hill Junction just further along the canal towards Brownhills or the other way towards Aldridge. There are 272 numbered cottages. Numbers 271 & 272 are at Ogley Junction. The cottages varied in design. So many of these cottages have now disappeared so it is not easy to say exactly where they were. I’ll make enquiries.

  4. Brenda Ward says:

    Cottage and other buildings

    The immediate location of House 237 is not easy to link with BCN rental properties. The 1901 Census refers to Blackbrook Bridge as an area, commonly the home of miners at the nearby Walsall Wood Colliery. The list of BCN cottage rentals for District No 4, which was produced before the later renumbering has at Walsall Wood 9 properties:
    5 Walsall Wood
    9 Cottage and stable
    29 Canal side Camden Street
    31 Canal side Camden Street
    39 Boatmans Lane
    40 Boatnans Lane
    42 Hall Lane Walsall Wood
    45 Holly Lane
    48 Hall Lane Walsall Wood
    51 Walsall Wood

    Cottage rentals list two properties in Camden Street

    3rd Ordnance Survey 25 in Staffordshire

    In addition one of those properties listed may be associated with Blackcock Wharf.
    As to the Camden Street cottages, these may be the canal side properties on the offside of the bridge. Hall Lane followed the canal south from Blackcock Bridge where there was another two cottages. There were towpath buildings below the No 651 on the above map.
    There is an OS map attached to this message but it won’t print her. Can this be included in this message?

  5. David Evans says:

    Hello Brenda
    many thanks for this list. I recall seeing deeds ( c 1850-1860) for some land..bounded by the canal, Boatmans Lane and Queen Binary Mews, I think. and in one of the census year..certainly pre 1911 ..a canal worker living in the dwelling there…possibly a Mr Anslow and family…
    kind regards

  6. Brenda Ward says:

    Extra I hope this helps to identify the cottage 237. The numbers in this list refer to the original numbers of the BW Cottages. These numbers were changed at a later date though I do not know why this happened.
    The following cottages were owned by British Waterways.
    The period 1921 – 1925 for the Walsall Wood area has the following:
    5 Walsall Wood B Mc Donald
    9 Walsall Wood J Preece Cottage & Stable
    10 Walsall Wood E Jackson
    29 Camden Street Thomas Griffiths Canal Side
    31 Camden Street A Clarke Canal Side
    39 Boatmans Lane E Horton
    40 Boatmans Lane A Mole
    42 Halls Lane G Gardiner
    45 Holly Lane J Gardiner
    46 High View,
    Freer Street W Baddeley Jr Cottage & Stable
    47 Walsall Wood M Mc Donough
    48 Halls Lane F Waden
    51 Walsall Wood A Hadey

    The census details make no mention of any canal connection and it is reasonable to assume some properties were rented out to the general public.

    The Holly Lane reference appears to be a property placed at a distance from the canal.

    • Chris Smith says:

      Thank you Brenda Ward M McDonough at 47 would have been Michael McDonough born Ireland (Co Mayo I think) 1835. His son Michael born Walsall Wood 1872 was living at no. 45 by 1901. He could well have been born in no. 47, of course.

      Michael Snr was the father of my Great Uncle Tom McDonough who was the husband of my Great Aunt Eva Holland (thereby is the link to me because my Nan was Mary “Polly” Holland who later became Mary Harvey and lived in Commonside at no.65)

  7. David Evans says:

    HI Chris
    a big thankyou to Brenda Ward for the list of properties. I think the reference 48 Halls Lane F Waden may have been a Mr Fred Wadey, who is shown in the 1911 census living in a three room property in Camden Street. The 29,31 Camden Street Canal Side houses show in the map in the article
    kind regards

  8. Brenda Ward says:

    We now have a Facebook group called “BCN Canalside Cottages” & welcome anyone with an interest to join.

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