A once popular local hostelry - but where was it, an way was it called? Picture from 'Memories of Old Walsall Wood' by Bill Mayo & John Sale.

Here’s another local quiz, based mainly on Walsall Wood, set by reader David Evans. Many of the answers can be found in previous posts here on the Brownhills Blog, and please comment any answers below. I’ve added this as a page so it’s always easy to find. Let’s see what you know…

Who, what, where… one names, places and features:

Where was Craddocks Corner?

When was Streets Corner school enlarged?

Where was the Rookery?

Where was the Nursing Home?

Where was the House of Prayer?

Where were the firelighters made, and by whom?

Where could you see pre-fabs? (two places)

Where was the Beehive?

Where was the Winding House

Where was the Monkey in a Cage?

What was the Ebenezer?

Where were there two cycle shops?

Where was the Windpump?

What colour were Collins Parcels Vans?

A source of which major river is up the Common?

Which building stood at the corner of Brookland Road and Brook Lane?

Which event in the 1700’s is remembered in a street name?

Where was the Giant’s Stride?

Where were the barrows made? Who made them?

Where and what is The Rabbit?

Where was the Reservoir?

What was the Saddletank?

Which road is named after an event in 1937?

Where was Bullens Heath?

When did the Pit open? And close?

How many bridges were over the Brook?

What is the Wheel?

“Built by the sweat of a miner’s brow”. Where can you see this?

Where was the cricket field?

Why is Streets Corner so called?

Where are the King, Queen and Prince?

Where did the Shire Oak Tree stand originally?

Where was the Tram Terminus?

Where and what was Meadow Market?

Where is the Fire Station?

Name the farm in Hall Lane

Where is the old library building?

Where is the Fort?

What is The Cut?

Which school is in Brook Lane?

Where do Druids Walk?

Which roads are named after kinds of trees?

Where is the Brickies?

The opening of the self-service Co-op was quite an event. But where was it located? Picture from 'Memories of Old Walsall Wood' by Bill Mayo & John Sale.