Cycling trivialities


Last year wasn’t so hot for the bluebells. Hopefully, this one will be better.

Thanks to everyone who took time to express opinions on my navel gazing contemplation on completion of my 365daysofbiking goal. I really was touched by the unexpectedly large amount of goodwill expressed about the project by a hugely diverse range of commentors. The compliments, encouragement and kindness are not something I’ll readily forget.

By a very large majority, you seem to want me to continue, but maybe to ease up a bit. Last night, and this morning, I was ready, and had psyched myself up to finish it. I was going to stop. By lunchtime, you’d changed my mind.

The problem is I can’t do it piecemeal; knowing the way I work on the main blog, 365days would just continually get pushed back until it was forgotten, and folk would stop visiting it for new posts. So, really, to me at least, it’s all or nothing. I may well reduce to one photo a day in time – we’ll see how it goes.


I can’t wait to smell the wild garlic again.

The thing is, there were very few days when I’d not have been on a bike anyway – that is my life. It’s how I roll.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that.

It occurs to me that the nights are opening out, the crocuses and snowdrops are kicking off, and soon, it’ll be spring again. It would be very, very hard not to share that, after all.

This hasn’t just been some dull exercise in self indulgence. It’s hard to know how people view stuff you create when they’re not directly involved. Thank you all for being interested enough to comment, and maybe engaged enough to view the past 21 months with pleasure.


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  1. If you continue with the “365days” biking blog you can be sure that you are pulling a great number of people along with you – (even if they stop at home and only look at the photos and comments!)

    When I worked in the centre of Walsall I would regularly go for a random walk around the streets. When I got bored with that I got myself a street map of the town and walked every street untill I had marked them all off. I think I may do the same this year starting from St. James’s Church untill I have covered every street and path in Brownhills. Your Christmas quiz has shown that there a lot of local sights that most of us have missed.

    If you want a bit of structure to your riding year – how about getting the local OS map and marking off every single road, track and feature marked that is accessibe on two wheels? Of course with the amount of miles you cover – have you already ticked them all off?

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