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An early effort, still needing tweaking. Have a play, see what you think… click on the screen shot to visit.

Just a quick note to point out that I’ve had a fantastic response to my musings on the subject of the BOAK fire, and my desire to channel some of the creative anger abounding in the online community into something to record the state, and lift the profile of,  Walsall’s great architectural heritage.

If you haven’t already read it, please do read the expansive and spot on comment from Stuart Williams, Walsall Local History Centre historian,  leading light of Walsall Civic Society and Bloxwich newshound.. He makes excellent points which we should heed. There’s much great commentary ion that post, it’s worth a thorough perusal.

I’ve been looking for the past week at the best way to bring together all the disparate threads that we all work with – Flickr, blogs, Panoramio, Picasa, Tumblr, and so forth into one centralised place, preferably map based. To that end, Stuart Harrison, top web bloke at Lichfield Council and all round good egg suggested Crowdmap.

I’ve never used this before, and it’s new to me, but seems to be just the thing. I’ve hashed something together at Walsall’s Architectural History, which just has one report at the moment, but allows us to submit, and locate stuff from other sources in one place. I think this can work.

In the meantime, there’s been stirling work by @Nevillina_3 who’s using my personal favourite Panoramio, as is @Buster3640 who’s done some great stuff for Bloxwich. Have a play and see what you guys think. We’re encouraging the use of the Walsall Heritage tag where possible.

We’re not committed to anything hard and fast yet, and anything can be changed. This is intended to be democratic and as open as possible. I’m working on ideas as, and when, I can.

All comments welcome. BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. You know the drill.

@Nevillina_3 has created an impressive Panoramio gallery. Click on the screen shot to visit it.

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2 Responses to Something to build upon

  1. Graeme Fisher says:

    As this project begins, go to Walsall, have a walk round, but only look at the upper floors of buildings. No ground floor shops and offices. Then you will begin to see the true value of Walsall’s achitecture.

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