Here’s a vital question that fellow local blogger and geek The Stymaster raised yesterday. This has touched on an experience I’ve recently had with content being lifted from other websites that’s factually incorrect, and being regurgitated without question.

Most of the online community hereabouts are very generous with what they create. Ask, and you shall receive… most amateurs like myself are happy to share our stuff for the small token of respect that is being actually asked and credited, providing the content is used accurately and within the spirit in which it was created.

My own blog leans on a whole host of other creators – from amateur photographers, to local history authors to other members of the on and offline community. Wherever I use their material, I try to seek permission. If, for whatever reason, that isn’t possible, I credit the content fully and attempt to promote the originators work.

I’m always ready and willing to take down anything that any originator may be unhappy with. This blog, like so many others, is about sharing what we know and love with each other. When you see content ripped off, this is very much outside the spirit of what we do.

I think The Stymaster raises a brilliant point here, and I’d like to hear what others have to say on the matter.

Eloquent, annoyed and justified. Click on the image to read why The Stymaster is hacked off.

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