Clayhanger poisonings continue: Baxter the dog has a lucky escape


Poor Baxter was very ill, but has thankfully made a good recovery. Image posted on Facebook by Shannon Vanessa Binding.

A timely warning to residents of Clayhanger and further afield that the reported incidents of poisoned bait being left around the village seem to be ongoing still – after the horrid story of Meg, the dog believed to have been poisoned after eating doctored meat on Clayhanger Common and the subsequent discovery of possibly poisoned bait a little while later, comes this awful tale from Facebook user Shannon Vanessa Binding.

Shannon wrote yesterday (Monday, 28th March 2016) about her dog Baxter:

To the vile excuse of a human being who has been planting poisoned meat around Clayhanger village, luckily only half the meat you threw into my garden was consumed by my dog and after days of not even being able to stand up, is now fully recovered.

Please share this around even if you do not live in Clayhanger!

I cannot understand why anyone would wish to harm an animal and this person deserves to be punished for their actions. Please be careful and keep a close eye on your dogs/cats or any other animal you may let outside.

I do not wish this on anyone and can say that Baxter is one lucky dog.I really can’t get into my head the kind of person who might be poisoning anything in this manner, let alone peoples pets, and I’m deeply shocked that neither the local police or the RSPCA seem interested.

Please, take care with your pets, and let’s hope any culprits can be caught – and yet again, it’s sad to see that the authorities can’t apparently be bothered to investigate.

Take care folks. If you have any further info, please get in touch – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.


The meat Baxter found. Image posted on Facebook by Shannon Vanessa Binding.

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  1. Brian Ansell says:

    So, if you were to allow your child to play within your fenced backyard for safety reasons there’s a possibility that your inquisitive child may pick up a piece of poisoned meat and be poisoned themselves. The meat does not have to be consumed to be poisonous as the poisons would be absorbed through the skin and so the question is, why are your local police not doing anything about this or are they just waiting for this to happen to a child before they do. I believe that you should be banging down the doors of your local police and insisting on some action before this possibility occurs.

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