The class of 62


I actually think this is a cracking class photo. They all look so at ease with themselves – and what a decade to be that age in. Class image of Brownhills Central boys School circa 1962, kindly donated by Malcolm Jemison.

Here’s a great addition to the canon of postwar class photos from Brownhills Central Boys School, posted by reader Malcolm Jemison last week – he thinks it’s from around 1962, and it sits well next to the photos from the same school a decade earlier sent in by Margaret Hampton – I’ve included them below for comparison.

The difference ten years made is marked, and I’d be interested in comments on that.

Malcolm had this to say about the class picture:

My class picture.

Brownhills Central School For Boys, about 1962 — with Malcolm Cooper, David Haynes, ? Craddock, Barry Craddock, Colin Dean, Charlie Fellows, Roger Deakin, Paul New, George ? (Podge), Richard Prior, Ivor Holmes, Ian ?, Michael Castree and Stan ?.

Malcolm helpfully pointed out his position in the lineup:


Malcolm looks like quite a lad! Image supplied by Malcolm Jemison.

I must say this is one of the best, most relaxed school photos I’ve seen for a long time, and my thanks to Malcolm for sharing it. If you can help with any names or memories of this class or school, please do: either by commenting here, or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

Thomas Spedding School 1290

1950s Image very kindly supplied by Margaret Hampton.

Thomas Spedding Class 2292

1950s Image very kindly supplied by Margaret Hampton.

Thomas Spedding Class 3294

1950s Image very kindly supplied by Margaret Hampton.

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13 Responses to The class of 62

  1. Tony Thacker says:

    Class of 62.
    Back row left to right.
    ?. Tony Thacker, Alan Craddock, David Craddock, Colin Dean, Leslie Gwiliam, Dennis Brownridge, Paul New, Brian Harris, Clive Horobin, John Foster, Phillip Stretton.
    Middle row left to right.
    ? Kerr, Malcolm Jemison, David Haynes, Colin Sarsfield, Roy Smith, Charles Fellows, Robert Hayle, Dennis George, Ivor Holmes, Bernard Granthom, Michael Castree, Roger Taplin.
    Front row left to right.
    Malcolm Cooper, Terry Thacker, Ronald Freeman, ? Wright, Trevor Allen, Barry Craddock, Mr Watson (woodwork ), Roger Deakin, Michael Selvey, Robert Pryor, Roger Hill, Graham Lloyd, Stan Haywood?
    Hi Bob, I think that I have got most of them but a couple I`m not 100%.
    Hope this helps Malcolm to remember us all.

    • Malcolm Jemison says:

      Your memory is way better than mine Tony, all those new names you have given are indeed familiar. I left Brownhills a couple of years after leaving school, moved to Birmingham, then Bristol, then Vancouver….now retired and back in the UK (Brighton).

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I wonder what the building in the background is

    kind regards

  3. Emma Smith says:

    Class of 62 My dad Roy Smith is on there supporting a rather fetching shirt and tie.

  4. steve appleby says:

    I attended brownhills central boys school until 1962,some of the lads I can remember are stackhouse,palatino,Warner,Cottrell,Fisher,hassell and hill.I joined the royal navy a little time after leaving school and have lived in gosport Hampshire since 1983.

    • The Hassell you remember was probably my cousin Christapher.

      • Nick Baddeley says:

        I attended the Central in the 1st year of the new Brownhills Comprehensive and left in 1976, my son also went to Brownhills Comp and left in 2006, he joined the Royal Navy soon after and currently lives in Gosport, small world 👍

  5. My cousin Dennis Brownridge is on the first picture..back row..

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  8. Steven. Jolly says:

    Hi folks any one got photos of the school kids of the 68 72 era central boys school thanks Steve jolly

  9. Leanne victoria Howdle says:

    My dad Alan Frederick Howdle went to this school born I 1942 does anyone know if my das in any pictures his daughter leanne.

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