Remembering the grand opening of a local icon in 1967

Today, I have a great bit of local ecclesiastical history to share with readers who will, I’m sure, be interested in the Opening and Dedication Service Programme to Silver Street Methodist Church, Brownhills, which opened at 3pm on Saturday, April 22nd 1967.

Silver Street Church’s opening day congregation. Image by Fred Booth, kindly supplied by Peter Booth.

At the foot of the post I include the set of photos below taken by Fred Booth, kindly donated to the blog in 2019 by Peter Booth, of the construction and opening of the Silver Street Church, for which this was the programme; I think if you look in one or two of the images you might see copies of it.

Guy is a great entertainer and remarkable talent. A top Brownhills lad!

This remarkable document which contains a wealth of local history information was kindly supplied to the blog by local man Guy Rowland.

Guy is a very gifted pianist and performer who’s probably best known as the Brownhills lad playing the part of the policeman at Blists Hill Museum in Ironbridge, Telford, and a talented and witty gentleman he is too!

Guy is well known to many in Brownhills.

You can peruse the program in full below – click any image to open the page full size. You can download it as a full PDF to load in your browser or ebook reader by clicking here.

Brownhills Silver Street Methodist Church was built in 1967 to replace the and combine Mount Zion and the Wesleyan in Brownhills High Street which were lost to redevelopment and it has to be said, old age; latterly, the remarkable building whose design hasn’t dated at all has accepted congregations from other churches and chapels in Brownhills like Park View, Brownhills West and Coppice Side.

The Silver Street Church is still very busy and has an active congregation and you can find out more about it at their website here and Facebook page here.

As ever, if any members of the Church would care to drop me an email I’m happy to advertise your community events. Just drop me a line.

If you have any memories of the new Silver Street Church – or indeed, the ones it superseded – please do comment or drop me an email. BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

My thanks to Guy Rowland, the young David Evans and the Booth Family for sharing and adding to the local history we share here for all to enjoy. You are most wonderful people.

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2 Responses to Remembering the grand opening of a local icon in 1967

  1. adrianbickleyoutlookcom says:

    I think I remember my mum attending something called the Young Wives Group at the new Methodist Chapel along with Guy Rowland’s mother in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. Many happy times spent growing up with Guy and his family.

  2. David Evans says:

    Hello Bob
    Firstly a huge thanks to Guy for offering this precious booklet, and especially to your goodself for the excellent presentation. Most appreciated indeed. I was delighted to read the details in the booklet for they clear up some of the mystery of the building of the first chapels on High Street. David Vodden’s excellent book, “Around Pelsall and Brownhills” published some years later, in 1998, has the two pen-sketches of the old chapels – page 70- and a brief resume, taken from the Opening Booklet of 1967. I wonder , who drew the two sketches, featured in the 1967 booklet?

    Many thanks and kind regards

    David Evans

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