Loud, amplified grumbling


These notes are being put through letterboxes around Shire Oak. It’s all a bit sad, really.

These days, I’ve come to realise that however old I get, this town will never cease to amaze me. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something rolls up, pokes you in the belly and blows raspberries at you.

Which is a coincidence, really, as that’s pretty much my exact response to the item that’s just been drawn to my attention.

It seems that someone without the wit to call the organisers, but the downright rudery and bad grace to push leaflets imploring others to do so – is publicising against Brownhills Music Festival, to be held at The Shire Oak Inn, Shire Oak, Brownhills on Saturday August 17th, 2013.

I shan’t comment on the bad grammar, topsy-turvy bullet points or curmudgeonly tone – heavens, I may be guilty of any of those myself – but I would like to point out that had the   author included contact details, Paul Green, the event organiser would have only been too happy to explain in person that he’s booked parking at the Shire Oak School and is currently also in negotiation with Golds, over the road, to provide even more.

Paul would also have explained, no doubt, that he is indeed hoping to expand the project to wider horizons and a more rural location the following year, but is starting small to see how it goes.

Paul could have told the complainant that actually, he’s a resident of Shire Oak, too.

He might also have pointed out that I’m not his promoter, just a man with a local blog who saw a great local project and profiled it for the benefit of locals, because we don’t get much live music hereabouts, and this seems like an excellently organised and well thought out project.

Paul is happy to explain all this in person. Just call the number.

I asked Paul about the parking issue. He said:

We have come to an agreement to park at Shire Oak School (entrance from Lichfield Road gate). There will probably be a nominal charge for this as we’re having to pay for the privilege, and for the caretakers time (and for insurance also). This is a done deal! I’m also negotiating with Golds also but this is not firmed up as yet. If it happens with Golds it will be a bonus, but not the end of the world as we already have the school.

Paul also sent this message to the leaflet’s author:

The Brownhills Music Festival was started from nothing, with no money but just tons of good will.

We chose to stage it at the Shire Oak pub because we needed somewhere with the infrastructure to host it. We’re aware that the location is not ideal but we needed somewhere that was financially viable and judging by the lack of interest in commercial sponsorship its a good job we did.

The festival was only ever going to be at the Shire Oak for ONE YEAR ONLY. We have much grander plans for a huge event next year but we had to start somewhere. This is just one day and we would hope that even the grumpiest of people could tolerate a little bit of disruption JUST FOR ONE DAY IN 2013.

Like I said, next year if we have a good event this year (and all indications are that it will be awesome) it will be a two day event, in a field with camping etc but please remember we had to start somewhere!

I cannot quite believe that a tiny minority of the members of our community are so small minded and petty that they cannot accept such an thing for a single afternoon, even once a year. Frankly, I’d class intolerant, sniping neighbours more of a threat to the value of my house and neighbourhood that a bit of ‘loud amplified guitar music’ any day of the week.

To Mr. or Mrs. Happy, whoever you are, I say this: this is going to be a great do, with a wide variety of acts and a great community atmosphere. No, we can’t all like the same stuff, but if anyone makes moves to stage this sort of event, and puts in the sheer hard work into it that Paul has,  you at least owe them the time and grace to contact them with your concerns. You may have been pleasantly surprised.

Thanks also for the promotion, but I’m no promoter, just a man who loves the bones of this community, and welcomes those who want to do something to promote it.

In conclusion, I love a bit of loud, amplified guitar music. Especially if it’s laden with moral turpitude. Brownhills and it’s environs has some great practitioners of the art. Combine that with the company of good people, in a positive community atmosphere at a great pub and hopefully decent weather, and you’ve got something to be proud of, particularly as it’s free, and also hopes to raise a little bit for charity.

You can find out more about the Brownhills Music Festival 2013 from this post, the festival websitetheir Facebook Page or twatter account.

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25 Responses to Loud, amplified grumbling

  1. piddy says:

    GOOD LUCK to the organisers this is a one day event that somebody has work bloody hard to put on for the entertainment of others. I hope all goes well and the weather is kind to you and the few moaners need to get a life. They have had plenty of warning and if they don’t like it they could go out for the day.

  2. Neil Harris says:

    Oh dear. Every village has it’s idiot.

  3. stymaster says:

    It’s one, day, and the music finishes at 9pm, I believe. I can’t see that killing anyone, can you?

    Will no one think of the children, or the house prices?

    Paul has obviously thought this through, which seems to be something lacking with the creator of this spiteful note.

  4. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    as a Resident .. and one who has not been graced to receive this acidic anonymous little note about which I make no comment.. I am looking forward to this real music event. I wish Paul and all those who are working their plectrums off arranging this festival all the very best. The large poster for this festival is clearly displayed by the Shire Oak Pub for all passers-by to see, and gives full details, is written in large letters and in easy to read simple language, and has been there for quite a while. I thank the school for their gesture of support in offering car park space

    with best wishes and kind regards

  5. It sounds like it will be a great event, and I now feel quite likely to drag my particular square and middle aged arse over there to cock a snook at the miserable leafleting idiots. Live events – there could NEVER be too many of them – particularly in these times, when everything is fed down the wires, music lovers don’t even get to go to record shops and commune ….et cetera et cetera et cetera.

  6. Peter says:

    Evening all……. Good luck to everyone involved in the staging of this event, hopefully the first of many.
    I think the guy or gal who has been distributing the leaflets has not only got things wrong gramatically but also they’ve accidentally missed off the leaflet their contact details. I’ve been doing a bit of research and it turns out it was produced by a Mr. W. A. Nker.
    I presume these leaflets were dropped in the middle of the night under the cover of darkness?
    Why didn’t Mr. Nker just talk to the organisers and the host venue to discuss his concerns and try to establish some facts first, you know like……… an adult! Instead of which he comes across like a petulant child, NIMBY dont care about you but care about only myself attitude.
    One request to the organisers please………. CRANK UP THE VOLUME.

    Mind how you go…………….

    • peter says:

      Oh, forgot to say to the organisers, at least you dont have to do a leaflet drop in the Shire Oak area advertising it now Mr. Nker has done it for you!

  7. Paul Green says:

    Thanks to everyone for all your positve feedback and support. The main reason why we put sineage up such a long time ago was not just to drum up as much interest as possible but, to also make those locals who were not aware what was planned, when, where and so forth. We only ever planned to host this event there for one year only. By the looks of things the site may not be big enough but I’m not looking to move locations for 2013 as I feel its important for this year to keep things local. There wasn’t a lot of choice where it comes to locations as we needed an amount of infrastucture to service several hundred people. Once this event is established (we feel it will be by mid-August 2013) it will make many more options available with regard to location etc for 2014.

    Its a great pity that the author did not feel able to approach me (or the Shire Oak) to air their concerns (all of which we could easily address). Let’s hope this can now be put to bed.

    Paul Green.

  8. Harry says:

    Loud, amplified grumbling.
    Has it never occurred to those pushing this event that loud amplified guitar music might not be everyone’s choice. After working for many years I eventually managed to buy a house in a reasonably quiet road. I enjoy relaxing in my garden at weekends after a hard weeks work. If I want music then I choose quality music that I enjoy.
    I do not force my choice on anyone else, in particular my neighbours. Why should I have this noise inflicted on me?
    Its only one day you say, but if everyone acted in such a selfish manner, it would soon be every day.

    • A one day event for charity, organised for free, is not ‘behaving in a selfish manner’… it’s hardly going to lead to the downfall of civilisation.

      However, being unable to tolerate the intrusion, or make alternative arrangements for a few hours might be.

      You can use your usual ID here if you like…


    • Peter says:

      Hello Harry or whatever your real name is……… You obviously do not support United Kingdom Forces Support charity then? A charity that helps the families of serving personel overseas fighting for our country, so that people like you can sit safely in your own back garden.

      Mind how you go………..


  9. Pedro says:

    Actually I have to empathize with Harry here. My parents bought a nice house in a quiet area, and Spaghetti Junction was plonked on top of it. Talk about noise!

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  12. Paul Green says:

    Hi “Harry” and thank you for putting your point across. I must say that had I thought that one day’s disruption would really cause so much anguish to what seemingly appears to be a small minority of people then I would have probably taken the more common action – and done nothing! However after reading your post on “Armed Forces Day” I feel in part vindicated about staging the festival.

    I would like to point out (for the umpteenth time) that this event has two main purposes. Firstly to try and bring some much needed community spirit to an area that quite frankly, is seriously lacking. Your objecting to an event that will bring many people together, and hopefully will only cause a minor amount of disruption, for one day only is clear evidence that this must be the case. Secondly, any profits from the running of this event are to be donated to United Kingdom Forces Support, a charity helping service persons and their families whilst serving overseas. I can understand from your post that our first objective carries little credence. I do however feel that objecting to this event that, in part is supporting the body of people that make it possible to own your house and relax at a weekend is difficult to fathom. We enjoy a society where people are able to spend their leisure time however they prefer. We all assume this to be our basic right and we all live safe in the knowledge that should this way of life be challenged, our brave men and women of the armed forces will tirelessly defend this. Surely one day’s disruption is acceptable to any cause that helps recognise this? I understand that this type of event is not to everyone’s taste however, when deciding upon the most effective means to best achieve our two objectives, the consensus was a music festival would be the most popular. I didn’t set out on this project to upset, antagonize or alienate anyone but do feel that the benefits of this kind of event will far out way any negatives.

  13. Eddie - chezfest organiser says:




    The people of cheslyn hay support our festival, if they don’t like it, they just don’t come. Amazingly, they can put up with 8 hours of music out of 8 765.812 hours there in a year.

    You can amplify an acoustic guitar too by the way and a whole orchestra, so classical music becomes Loud amplified music, so before throwing words around you obviously don’t understand, get your facts right.

    Keep music live. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCENE


    Stop being a boring bastard and come for a beer.

  14. Hear hear! Not forgetting there’ll be a loud amplified saxophone which I’ll be playing to jazz, funk and gospel. So something for almost everybody throughout the day. If the unhappy resident would like to put in a request, I’d be more than happy to play it for them! 🙂

    • Paul Green says:

      Well said Samantha, not forgetting loud amplified drums, loud amplified keyboards, loud amplified basses, in fact I’ll think I’ll just amplify everything loudly!

  15. Crank it up! But to the residents that aren’t happy about the event, please support us. Like its said above, we’re trying to kick start a yearly community event in our area which will only disrupt you for one day! For the musicians and organisers, we’re taking part for various reasons, one being for the Brownhills community. The members of the band that I have put together to support me for this event are from Birmingham, Wolverhampton and other areas of Waslall. They, and I, are putting in alot of time and personal expense into finding time and space to rehearse each week. We’ve all got day jobs and families; those of us from the Walsall areas are busy being involved in other Walsall community events, throughout weekday evenings. Its really inconvenient, but worth the sacrifice in bringing people together! Please also contribute by supporting us!

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