Pictures from Brownhills Canal Festival 2013

I have to say, the weather was dire, and I didn’t arrive until late, but there was much to like about the Brownhills Canal Festival today. I don’t know if it was the poor weather or what, but there seemed a tad more atmosphere to it than usual, and I did genuinely enjoy pottering around. But crowds were thin and I felt sorry for those who turned up to display, perform or meet the public on behalf of their clubs, societies or charities.

It’s no fun standing for hours in the rain.

Everything I said yesterday about the Town Festival still applies, and I feel more strongly that it’s right now; the events would have been better together, on the same day. Publicity needs to improve – there’s a thread on Facebook which is very telling and a bit sad, really. The canal festival hasn’t ever seemed to encompass the rest of town, and there didn’t seem to be any of the High Street traders present at all. This hasn’t really changed for years, though.

Tesco, as usual, just ignored it.

It’s great to see Brownhills out, together, and we as a community need more of this. I know how hard it is to stage this stuff, but I’d really like to see all the groups join up and do something unified for once. It might even spread the load a bit.

Thanks to David Evans, who took time out to brave the rain and take some great pictures, too.

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9 Responses to Pictures from Brownhills Canal Festival 2013

  1. Rob says:

    “Tesco, as usual, just ignored it.”
    As did thousands more.
    Any particular reason Tesco should get a mention, what were you expecting of them?

    • I’d have thought, personally, that as the largest retailer in Brownhills, and one that takes a hell of a lot of money, they would have been keen to be involved, particularly as a lot of the punters walked past their door to get there.
      As someone not generally given to grinding misanthropy, it seems to make sense to me. It’s called fostering goodwill. I can understand you might find that concept a bit alien.
      Wilkinson do a hell of a lot for the local community.

  2. Paul says:

    How come Tesco`s were not involed, were they asked, or were they not intrested in being involved with the community?

  3. It’s the first year I’ve missed since I became an adopted Brownhillian, work and study commitments mean some things have had to give. Let’s hope the powers that be indeed see sense, and co-ordinate their efforts next year.

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