Reality check. Can we all grow up a bit please?


A great weekend for Brownhills. We should be shouting it together from the rooftops.

I see today, Brownhills Town Centre Partnership is pushing their Summer Festival in the town by sharing links on Facebook to an oddly-formatted document scan of their promo leaflet. This seems pretty much Facebook only.

The Canal Festival only gets a brief mention.

Are community relations amongst Brownhills various groups so bloody bad that we can’t push the whole weekend together? There’s been hardly and publicity for either event, and folk wonder why we don’t get nice things. Were it not for the great and kind Brian Stringer I’d have no information about the canal festival at all.

Compare with the continuous, brilliant publicity binge for Brownhills Music Festival or other recent events.

I always have, do and will continue to work hard offering a free service to promote and raise issues in this town. But the lack of publicity for these two events is staggering. I am bewildered, bemused and downhearted by it.

We are all Brownhills folk who want the best for our community – is it so hard to get together and push what’s good?

For goodness sake, people. If you can prep a printed leaflet, you can publish the same artwork in a second in a reasonable format like JPG or PDF to social media and get it seen by thousands. Get decent info out to people like me, What’s On Walsall, Lichfield Live, Common People and the various Brownhills social media groups.

If you don’t know what’s out there, a trip to the ever excellent YamYam will put you in touch with more resources than you can shake a bargepole at.

Don’t give me the spiel about not having time, either, it takes seconds to share existing artwork. And there’s a host of folk donating time free to get it out there.

This is ridiculous.

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2 Responses to Reality check. Can we all grow up a bit please?

  1. stymaster says:

    What in the name of buggery is “Docs by Microsoft FUSE Labs”?

    Bloody hell. What an abortion that is.

    I know it’s been said before: there’s tons of help available with doing things sensibly for the web- for free, so why not do it, and even more so, why not talk to the other people organising events?

  2. Rose Burnell says:

    A couple of year 11s at the comp would probably do the job ten times better.

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