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The technical fault must be very severe. The notice is getting quite faded now.

Locally and nationally, it would seem, pubs are dropping like flies. A week or so ago I caught wind that The Hussey Arms in Brownhills had closed suddenly. A large, 1930’s roadhouse, the inn is a handsome building stood in it’s own land on the edge of Brownhills Common on the Chester Road.

Ever since I was a kid, the Hussey has had a succession of owners and rebrandings – just about everyone has had a go with it, Ansells, Holts, Spaghetti Factory – but despite the attractive appearance and pleasant position, the establishment has never seemed to reach it’s full potential, always seeming half asleep.

A few weeks ago, the pub remained shut with a notice about technical problems on the door. When I passed yesterday evening, at a time when any bar should be filling with boozers, diners and the early doors crowd,  the Hussey remained closed.

I hope this pub isn’t lost. Anyone having further information, please comment here. We’ve lost enough watering holes, please don’t let another go.

A well known landmark, The Hussey is an interesting building in a pleasant location.
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  • As, I can add my first bit of Brownhills gossip – that’s the reason why I go to the pub so often, honest.

    It appears that the owners over-stretched themselves and opened a new pub, the location of which escapes me. It was only after a few weeks that both enterprises were closed, about three-four weeks ago now.

    Like you, I would think this pub would draw a huge crowd from the ‘nice’ end of our beloved town.

  • Pablo Oplywiss

    The ‘technical fault’ sign has been on the door at The Hussey for a good few weeks. Oddly, we decided to take a drive up the the owners’ original pub, The Redmore Inn in Gentleshaw, this evening – only to find this closed with a sign in the window saying ‘We are closed. Try the Miners’ .

    To which ‘Miners’ the sign was alluding to is anyones guess. However, we drove back past the Miners Rest opposite Spot in Chasetown, outside which there was a chalkboard promoting ‘Sunday Lunch £4’…

    Legend has it the owner was a lottery winner. He’d owned The Redmore for a good while before acquiring the Hussey. We’ve been in The Redmore on a Sunday evening whilst he’s been rummaging through the freezers, finding sirloin steak close to being out of date, & adding it to the menu at £2 a go. Great for the punters, but not so good for his profit margin!

  • Pablo Oplywiss

    Having a look around the net suggests he bought The Trooper in Wall in 2009, doing the 1-2-1 stuff, which as we all know didn’t last very long there. Both The Redmore & Hussey have Facebook groups, but both have dated activity.

  • I do think The Hussey Arms has a lot of potential. It’s never been overly rough, but it’s always had something missing, I feel.

  • Martin

    yes it is a shame, and the rumours, that have gone on, about the owner of the 2 pubs in question, i do not know what to believe.

  • CAZ

    It’s a lovely looking pub and in a good location.l held my hen party there……..l know, l must be a sad individual, but at the time, it was a very busy place and within walking distance of home.It was sad when the Tavern in Lichfield road closed as that too was the highlight of many of the young in Brownhills. l suppose in a few years time we’ll see houses on the ground where the Hussey Arms is too, but l hope not.

  • mick collingswood

    My wife and I called into the Hussey today to try out the food and ale,
    there was quite a good menu so I opted for the mixed grill and my wife
    had an all day breakfast, we were impressed with the food and the service.
    I had a pint of “Speckled hen” and could willingly have had a couple more
    had I not been driving, as good as it was it ain’t a pub, it is a restaurant
    that sells beer.

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