Celebrating a Jubilee?


I’ve not heard of this place before. Sounds quite grand – and three phone lines! What do you know? Image from seller Sanchin61 on eBay.

I spotted an interesting postcard on everyone’s favourite tat bazaar last week, advertising the ‘Jubilee Cafe and social Club’, Watling Street, near Cannock – it advertises ‘tennis, a garage, terrace gardens and a club room’ – it all looks very grand.

Not sure on the date of the images: the card itself is listed as 1937, from the sale particulars.

You can see the item on eBay here – at £30 I think I’ll pass, cheers…

You know what I’m going to ask here: we’ve covered the Doric, Taylors and touched on Sid Cohen’s on the Chester Road – what do we know about The Jubilee? I’m sure plenty of folk must remember it.

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5 Responses to Celebrating a Jubilee?

  1. aerreg says:

    hi bob if its of any interest the jubilee cafe was located between the rising sun and the turf island on the watling srteet it was nieghter brownhills norton or cannock nereby i believe was a colliery working oonce occupied by lew ways top right corner back ground corner shows i believe edmonds construction there were a number of houses there there is still a garage on the jubillee site MG specialist cant say what the tea and beer was like in 1937 i was only a baby antha part of the world was miles away in them days god bless aer reg

  2. Martin Littler says:

    remember it well closed 70s ?, then little Chef open a new building,now an Indian restaurant.

  3. Mick Bullock says:

    Used to go in there on a regular basis in the 60s good cafe in its time.

  4. Mr Toni Walker says:

    Owned by Bloxham family in 40,50,60,s as a transport café and drivers overnight stop and night club. Resident managers were Sam and Edie Small who had two sons, Barry and .Graham. I used to go and play there during the day but was not allowed to stay overnight because my mother did not like the “ladies ” that frequented at night. Graham now lives in Hednesford.

  5. tracy grunewald nee codrington says:

    hi bob this story has interested me has my parents where the managers there in the late 70 early80 alan Codrington and Mrs Jackie Codrington this was my family home I also worked there in thecan you pass on any info you get about it please

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