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There has been some comment locally about the Brownhills Common thing. I’m not going to push it again too much, as folk must be sick to the back teeth of it, but I have to get a plug in for a couple of excellent blog posts published today.

There was some coverage on Radio WM today too, which I’ll see if I can record from Listen Again and post up at the weekend.

The first is by Aiden MacHaffie, who attended the meeting on Tuesday evening. Aiden is a noted wit, and I particularly like his guide to conifers through the seasons. Please do click through.

It contains this wonderful passage:

Now there has been a lot of trust lost in the meat business of late but for a local Butcher making the headlines by wanting to see the Deer on Brownhills Common does come across a tad strange…

Aiden, you are awful, but I do like you.

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A remarkable, funny and prescient piece. How I wish I’d written it… click on the screen shot to visit Aiden’s blog and read the full post.

The second post is rather more serious, but very valuable and well written. It’s by Morgan Bowers, Senior Countryside Ranger at Walsall Council, and she gives an excellent, entertaining and informative account of what heathland management is all about.

I’ve learned from it, and I’m sure we all can. This is great stuff and it’s crucially important the message gets out there.

My thanks to Morgan for writing it.

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A clearer, more concise explanation of why the heathland needs help, you could;t wish for. Please read this post, even if you don’t agree. Click on the screenshot to read the original post.

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