Late 1960s at a local school…


A wonderful memory of Millfield School from reader Harry. Click for a larger version.

Things have been a bit mad today and I haven’t got the updates done I’d have liked – and that includes catching up with 365daysofbiking. Please bear with me while I get back on top of things…

In the meantime, behold this wonderful image from Millfield School from the late 1960s, when the place was still relatively new. Reader Harry sent it in, and he had this to say:

Hi Bob,

Excellent blog as usual always an interesting read.

I thought you and some of your readers maybe interested in a photo I came across of Millfield School not long after it opened so around 1967, bearing that in mind most of the children depicted in the photo must be nearly pensioners now…

I cant name anyone but I am sure some of your readers might be able to.

Kind Regards,

There are a good few kids on there, and what seems like most of the staff too – so you know what I’m going to ask. Do you recognise anyone? Are you perhaps in this photo? Which staff and characters do you remember from these days?

If you can add anything, please do:comment here, or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Thanks to Harry for the very kind words and such a wonderful picture – cheers for sharing, it’s what this blog is all about!

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7 Responses to Late 1960s at a local school…

  1. Stephen cawley says:

    Hi Bob third from right font row in duffle coat is Kevin Ross,next to him on left is Timothy smith,girl slightly behind to the left of Tim is Pauline rivers,girl in centre with blazer 2 rows back is Sandra wakeling,front row standing second from left is one of the Talbot boys perhaps Peter?is it Ray bye therapy first lad in on the left of front row and Ray hall front row of standing to the right of the boy in dark duffle coat and I can also see my brother Martin in the centre 4?rows from the back in front of the lady teacher on the left.I think one of the baker girls Elaine or Lynn front centre in the light coat must be 65 or 66 I would think

  2. Stephen cawley says:

    Sorry to Ray that should have read ray byetheway,my apologies also spotted Sally Ferguson on the right 4 back and it may be Barbara card dock just in front of her with the hood would the sender be Harry Davenhill? It must be mr Marshall the head at the back with black hair.THe roller shutter behind is where as kids we shovelled the coal into the boiler house when the truck delivered it because the caretaker was’nt up to it…..different times eh?

  3. Stephen Smith says:

    Hi Bob, l read your blog from afar, now living in Lowestoft Suffolk, I still have family in the Brownhills and visit often. I was born 1959, and thinking back we went to school in those days at 5. I start at Millfield as my first school, so the school must have been opened 1964 / 5. Can’t find myself in the photo and no one else jumps out at me. A great photo brings back so many memories
    Regards Steve Smith

  4. Joan Blakemore says:

    Hi. Bob teacher back left is Mr Foster next to him Mr Hall fourth along is Mrs Whittaker she taught sewing. sixth is Mr Marshall head master . Im to the left of the seventh teacher at the back .
    I think the picture was taken In 1963/64 just after the school opened. Lots of familiar faces Happy days. Regards Joan Keay

  5. shirley Abbotts says:

    I am pretty sure I can see myself on this. I left Brownhills in 1968. You can see the back of the house where Mr and Mrs Fardon used to live.They were the closest to grandparents that I had.

  6. Gary Fitzpatrick says:

    My name is Gary Fitzpatrick, I went to Millfield school when it first opened I’m 64 years now I’m standing next to Steve Turner , just in front of The headmaster Mr Marshal by his right arm,and forward, I still see many of the pupils around Brownhills,and still remember their names happy days ,

  7. Amelia Thornton says:

    Looking at the photo left hand side second boy in is Garry Talbot and looking at the front row the girl with paper on the floor directly behind just to left boy with cap is Peter Talbot

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