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sports day chase terrace 1

Country dancing at Chase Terrace in 1936. Barbara Brown, the future Mrs. Dennis, is extreme left, middle row. Recognise anyone? Lovely whites, I must say… Image courtesy of Andy Dennis.

Here’s a great follow-on post to the Ogley School staff image featured here last weekend. Top reader and local historian Andy Dennis has sent me a couple of lovely school group photos featuring his mother, thought to be from the 1936 sports event at Chase Terrace, which was mentioned by Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler in comments to the same post.

Remarkable to think that country dancing was classed as a sport. There’s some lovely smiles in that picture…

Do you recognise anyone or have more details of the event? You know how it goes; comment here or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Andy wrote:

Hello Bob

In the Staff Card post is mention by Pedro of dancing in 1936 and a trip to New Brighton.

Mom was involved in country dancing and told me they went to some sort of inter-school event at Chase Terrace, which I think was part of the sports day. I have two pictures of this. Mom would have been about 8 in 1936, which looks about right.

1. All in the same white uniform. Mom is middle row, extreme left. The older girls standing are obviously not seniors.

2. A different group with the school building in the background. Mom is front left.

She also went to New Brighton. I’m sure I had a picture or two, but can’t find them. Presumably this was an outing for more than one school?

Best wishes


sports day chase terrace 2

Another intriguing group – Barbara is left again, but in the front row. Can anyone shine a light on the event or other children pictured? Image courtesy Andy Dennis.

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  1. tkevcro says:

    And all with the same hairstyle

  2. Pedro says:

    Lovely photos, lets hope some children can be identified.

    Regards Pedro

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