Councillor Harris: Linda Mason responds

Over the weekend, the indomitable Linda Mason has replied to the letter she received from Walsall Councillor and cabinet member for Leisure and Culture, Anthony Harris. The reply has been published on the Save Walsall’s Gree Spaces… blog.

Please do read the response. Linda is livid, quite rightly, and lays down exactly why the elected member is wrong.

It is plainly inappropriate for an elected official to have addressed Linda’s concerns in that manner, especially when the authority in question – Walsall Council – seems incapable of fulfilling it’s own promises.

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Linda Mason’s response to the outrageous letter by Councillor Anthony Harris. Please click the screenshot to vista the Save Walsall’s Green Spaces blog and read the full article.

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7 Responses to Councillor Harris: Linda Mason responds

  1. tkevcro says:


    Now he should do the decent thing and resign

  2. ianrobo says:

    this is not just common to walsall but any council with the cabinet system and they are not accountable to thee people who vote.

    Then you have the lack of a proper local press to act as a reasonable investigator of issues.

    • And then, there’s the lack of any competent, meaningful or effective opposition.
      The support from Walsall’s Labour Group on the Greenspaces issue hasn’t exactly been overwhelming.
      Remember, it was Ian Shires who actually enabled Linda’s presentation. Most Labour councillors, like their Tory colleagues, didn’t answer the email.
      And if it had come to any kind of vote, we’d have been stuffed, as Labour clearly don’t vote on anything of public concern.

    • They are accountable eventually, when they face the electorate.

      • tkevcro says:

        Yes I will be making a point come the next council elections not that it will make much difference but it will make me feel a bit better.As I haven’t taken much notice of elections over the last 40 years or so why as it seems you vote for 1 candidate (Flower) and 3 get in?(Sears and Harris) so you can’t directly make a point against Harris?

        • All councillors are elected. They serve a 4 year term, and terms are staggered.

          There are no local elections in Walsall this year.

          As an aside, I find it remarkable that you ‘haven’t taken much notice of elections’, yet appear unhappy with the result.
          I tend to think actually participating is the first step to making a difference.



  3. njhag says:

    You can’t make your point…. by standing for election.

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