Ogley Hay May Day 1952-3: A historical Staple!

Images kindly supplied by Elizabeth Staples. Click for larger versions.

In the last couple of weeks old friend of the blog Elizabeth Staples – mother of the remarkably talented Mark Staples who, with others, created the 1880s Brownhills local history book whilst still at school – has posted the above gallery of Ogley Hay Infants School’s May Day celebrations from 1952/3.

This is a wonderful set, a little different to the many May Day pictures we’ve had before: Rather than the usual posed class photos – which are always excellent, but in a different way – these show a school busy and having fun, and really convey the spirit of the event, the same way that the gym photos shared by Dawn Hayton a couple of years ago did. There are real gems to be found in the detail.

Apart from the school and year, I have no information, so get to it – what do you remember? Comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or buttonhole me on social media.

Thanks to Elizabeth for a gorgeous set that is bound to be very popular indeed.

I include Dawn Hayton original set below, for further memory jogging!

On wet days, the maypole dane apparently took place in the school hall. The gym equipment on the walls reminded me of my school. What a fantastic expression! Image Kindly supplied by Dawn Hayton.

It’s time, I think for the last set in the amazing collection of images sent in by old pal of the blog Dawn Hayton, from her mother’s personal collection – and this is a fantastic set continuing the recent Ogley Hay School May Day celebrations that were a feature of the school for many years.

This photos compliment the other May Day images from Janet Bullock here, the follow up set from Kate Dixon here and this wonderful one from Sheila Kelly here.

Can anyone name the other children please? Image Kindly supplied by Dawn Hayton.

These images are beautiful and the photography and scanning are very high quality.

Of the whole donation from Dawn and her mum, there are three distinct sets – this one, the one of Brownhills Carnival in the 1970s here and also the very popular one of the 1977 Silver Jubilee celebrations in Middleton and Freeth Road here.

A stunning image of Dawn Hayton. Some good stuff in the background, too!Image Kindly supplied by Dawn Hayton.

My thanks to Dawn and her mum for some wonderful memory-jogging photos – they really are wonderful and very much appreciated.

If you see anyone you recognise, or have anything to add, please do.

Comment here or mail me: Brownhillsbob at Googlemail dot com.

Love the flowers! Can anyone help with names please? Image Kindly supplied by Dawn Hayton.

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