New year quiz 2017: part one for the researchers…

Part Two of the New Year Quiz 2017 can be found at. this link here.

Morris has the answers – but his lips are sealed.

Well, much earlier than last year, hopefully for a wider audience I can now present the first half of the 2017 Brownhills Blog New Year prize quiz!

The questions will be released in 2 groups. The first, this group 1-25, are aimed at those who maybe can’t get out so much or aren’t living locally: they can all be answered from research online, either from posts on this blog, my 365daysofbiking tumblr, or by thinking laterally.

I will release a second observational set of questions tomorrow, for the hawkeyes amongst you who like to get out and explore.

I will award Backyard Beer prizes (or equivalent) to the winners of each group. As usual, there are also spot prizes of local history or other books for the lateral thinkers or people who stand out.

To give everyone a sporting chance, comments will not open until 6pm Friday, 30th December 2016. Answers will close at 9pm, Sunday 8th January 2017, or if every question is answered beforehand.

If many remain unanswered, I’ll award the prizes and leave the remainder open for spot prizes. I would ask that readers not answer the questions based on their content 😉

Remember, this is just for fun!

Points will be awarded to the first person to comment the correct answer to any question. All questions worth one point unless stated. After that, no points will be handed out for answering it again. I will tot up the scores as we go. Answers will only be accepted as comments to the quiz posts, and my decision will be open and final.

Remember to include the number of the question in your comment, otherwise it won’t be counted! Answers will only be accepted as comments here – any on Facebook, Twatter or via email will be ignored.

Don’t worry if your comment is held in moderation, I will take the submission time if necessary.

I don’t expect anyone to get lots right. I think the questions are diverse enough that a fairly low score might well win – so do have a go. If the result is a draw, I’ll hold a tie breaker. What form that will take will depend on the result. Please just take a punt, and have fun.

Good luck!

Q1: Who had a ‘large range of buttons and ribbons’?

Q2: Whose young legs are these?


Q3: A handsome sum went to someone at Lime Tree Villas. Who?

Q4: In the brave new world, how far ahead was Hillards?

Q5: This is a cheeky looking lad. Where is he pictured?


Q6: What date does the teacher write on the blackboard while a young lad dreams of his catapult?

Q7: A ghost persists on on maps current today. Where was it?


Q8: On 365days, whose ghost do you summon on 247181?

Q9: In the 70s, on the back of whose wagon would there be someone dressed as a pot of yoghurt?

Q10: 3rd September 1977. Who trained Jubilee Surprise?

Q11: What’s this broken object?


Q12: Why is replacement of the above sometimes a problem, and what was my solution?

Q13: Perrins, Arnolds, Nash, _____, Langford – who’s missing?

Q14: Where was this chunky lad involved in a standoff?


Q15: This autumn, I took quick avoiding action. What was their registration?

Q16: The young David Evans encountered this lion on his travels. Where?


Q17: What were the internees complaining about?

Q18:What were these indistinct spectators watching?


Q19: Where was there a rally in 1981?

Q20: How many badges on the radiator of the green Hillman, including the maker’s mark?

Q21: Where did I encounter a skunk, a snake, a pair of canoodling lizards, a local Councillor and our MP?

Q22: Who worked alongside Burt Radford?

Q23: Where, or as part of what, would I find this tile?


Q24: How many cygnets did the Watermead swan family have this year?

Q25: Where is this curious local feature on Google Earth?


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