Pictures from the Pelsall Festival of Water 2016


Oh no, looks like rain! Olivia the Owl goes to more local events than I do!

Despite a weather forecast that didn’t bode well, the first day of the three day Inland Waterways Association Festival of Water at Pelsall was pretty good when I called in, and the rain held off until the moment I left.

There’s loads to do, more boats than you could imagine, food, ale, entertainment and fun and games of all kinds – it’s fantastic thing to visit, and it’s free, to boot.

I shot the breeze with old mates, admired the narrowboats, stuffed my face and as usual, spent far too much on books and old maps.

My favourites, the Armitage Birds of Prey Centre were there with the rescue birds, and a local animal rescue (sorry, forget the name) had a rather wonderful skunk and a rather romantic pair of Bearded Dragons – but as ever, it was the characters who made it.


Who couldn’t adore this pair?

The event really brought back memories of the Pelsall Canal Festival which I hope returns once more – I love boat gatherings, and the ones at Pelsall, like the one at Huddlesford is always excellent.

The festival continues Sunday (28th August 2016) from 10am until 6pm, and Bank Holiday Monday (29th August 2016) from 10am until 4pm. I can recommend the curry mutton.

Thanks to all the organisers.

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7 Responses to Pictures from the Pelsall Festival of Water 2016

  1. Helen Guy says:

    Great pics, although I did groan a the sight of a certain someone

  2. How on earth did they let you get so close to our MP?

  3. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    super photos! Prompts the question; what is worn under a Scotsman’s kilt?
    kind regards

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