Brownhills Carnival in the late 1970s remembered


Fit for a Queen – but do you recognise these ladies? Image very generously donated by Peter Booth.

Peter Booth has once again contacted me totally out of the blue with a stunning array of images I had no idea existed – for years I’ve been asking for photos of Brownhills Carnival to no avail – well, here’s a full gallery.

Peter Booth is a remarkable photographer and has previously supplied black and white galleries of Brownhills, and also one in full colour – he’s taken some wonderful pictures here, but the burning question is do you have any idea who any of the people featured are?

This sits well beside the Edgar Pritchard 19345 carnival film featured here previously and the recently posted 1960s Aldridge Carnival film.

Peter said:

Hello Bob

Found some more photos this time of Brownhills carnival 1978 / 79 I think.

Some of the blog readers might be on them or know people in the photos… It will be interesting to find out.

Peter Booth

Thank you to Peter for donating this images – they are wonderful, evocative, quite unusual and of very high photographic quality. It’s a pleasure to share them here on the blog, and I think they’ll stir up a lot of memories! They must have taken a lot of work to scan and clean – it’s much appreciated.

If readers have anything to add, please do comment here, or mail me: Brownhillsbob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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3 Responses to Brownhills Carnival in the late 1970s remembered

  1. Clive says:

    Great photo’s Peter and Bob, thank you. I noticed that the one photo shows a float from LCP pressings Lichfield road, I worked there around that time, but, with all the makeup they are wearing , I can’t identify anyone!

  2. David Evans says:

    Super photos..big thanks to Peter and Bob
    Brings back some happy memories..
    Who was the VIP in the Rolls Royce that year….Amy Turtle?
    kind regards

    • Pedro says:

      Amy Turtle, surely not…

      “She joined the cast of Crossroads in 1965 playing the cleaner Amy Turtle. She got the part after apparently complaining to ATV producers that there were not enough true Birmingham accents..”

      Brummie accents don’t go down well in Brownhills!

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