OK, which one of you buggers has got the snake?


Image posted on Facebook by Chico’s Pet Supplies of Brownhills.

This is an important post on behalf of a respected and decent local business – I’d be grateful if you could read, share it, and do all we can to get this wee fellow back where he belongs.

Chico’s Pet Supplies in Brownhills High Street yesterday (Thursday 27th December 2016) suffered an unusual act of shoplifting – thieves have taken a live baby snake.

I’ll let the victim explain:

Right ladies and gents. It’s with an angry, sad heart I am posting this.

On Tuesday 27th Dec someone came into the shop while we were open and decided to help themselves to our snake.

I would like to point out that we have signs up explaining you are on cctv. Well we have now got a copy of this and will be handing it to the police Monday morning if the snake does not materialise back in the shop by 5pm Saturday when we shut the shop.

We would rather get the snake back (as he needs his feed as he’s only a baby) otherwise not only will the video be handed to the police but I will happily post it all over Facebook for everyone to see.

Do the right thing and bring this poor baby back before its to late for him.

Photo was taken with one of our shop girls before he was taken (not of the person who stole him)

That seems straightforward enough.

If you have any information, but don’t want to post, send anything you might have to me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com – I’ll pass it on to Chico’s without hesitation.

You can also contact Chico’s on Facebook here, or call them on 01543 370610.

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