Breaking down the walls…


Demolition man hard at work, as captured by David Evans.

The tenacity and charm of the young David Evans continues to be rewarded, and he has again created great pictorial documentation of the demolition process being undertaken on the former St. John’s School in Walsall Wood. The kindness and goodwill of the demolition engineers has been truly wonderful; they allowed David access once more last Friday (14th March 2014) to further record the passing of this notable landmark, in preparation for a new housing development

We caught the start of the operation a couple of weeks ago, and then revisited when the task was well underway last Monday.

There was a request last week to also get some shots of the bungalow next door, which is also being razed; as luck would have it, reader Stuart popped past this morning and took a few shots,  so I’ve included them in the gallery. I love the old-style light fitting just visible in the lounge…

Also, just look at those roof trusses on the school. Aren’t they splendid?

It’s worth noting that the materials recovered from the demolition are being recycled – and like those from the former Royal Oak in Bullings Heath, Walsall Wood, will end up being sold for re-use at Cawarden Brick in Rugeley. They’re a fine company and their yard – just to the east of Colton – is well worth a visit. There’s even an old ROC post on the access road to the place!

For those interested, I wrote an article recently about the planning history of the site, and David transcribed the log books of the school over several wonderful articles

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  1. Fawlty says:

    Great Photos yet again. Many thanks Dave and Stuart. Brought back some memories. I lived in the bungalow from 1965-1967. My Dad converted the roof space to make a bedroom for my brother and me. He was a keen gardener as well and kept the large garden immaculate, although it was hard work to keep on top of it. Shame it’s gone now, it was a good place to live, but things move on. One thing I don’t remember is that light fitting!!

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