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Image posted on Facebook by Dave Moore: ‘Collaborative history at it best; Brian Stringer author of the clayhanger Kid books working with public historian Dave Moore to produce an audio version of the two books for people with visual impediments.’. Dave Moore left, Brian Stringer right.

Last week, I posted a great video made by Public Historian Dave Moore with local author and activist Brian Stringer, about Brian’s experiences as The Clayhanger Kid. The video had a very positive response, so Dave has kindly posted a full version for all of Brians fans to enjoy.

I’m hoping this will lead Dave to create some more video interviews; they’re wonderful and very, very professional.

Dave Moore is of course a leading figure in Kate Cardigan’s Lichfield Discovered and also a tireless campaigner for Sandfields Pumping Station. It’s so refreshing to see people like Dave, Kate and Brian working hard to produce unique and interesting material about local history and  other matters arising.

Dave had this to say about the film:

Published on 14 Mar 2014

This film is the full interview with Brian Stringer.

Brian is the author of a self published book the Clayhanger Kid. This film is the complete unabridged version of oral interview conducted by the Public Historian David Moore.

Broadly speaking public history it is a term that describes a broad range of disciplines undertaken by people who have an understanding of history, but wish to work outside of the restraints of academic history.

The historian Ludmilla Jordanova give us a definition of public history, ‘all the means deliberate and otherwise, through which those who are not professional historians acquire their sense of the past’.

People like Brian can tell remarkable stories about their past, and give us an insight into how our ancestors lived. Understanding our past gives us a sense of identity and an understanding and deeper insight of self.

My thanks and best wishes to Dave and Brian. This really is very special stuff indeed.

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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    many thanks

  2. Clive says:

    Nice one, thank you to all involved.

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