Brownhills Music Festival 2013 – Running order announced

As noted here previously, the Brownhills Music Festival will be taking place throughout the day at The Shire Oak pub, Shire Oak crossroads, Brownhills (or Walsall Wood if you please) on Saturday 17th August 2013. This looks to be a great event, and I’ve watched carefully as the organiser of this brave and groundbreaking project, local lad Paul Green, has carefully and expertly built up a profile, fixed up acts and dealt with public enquiries.


A great pub set to host a great musical event.

There will be something for everyone, and it all takes place around and inside a great local pub with excellent ale and friendly locals. The whole thing is a free affair, and Paul has worked tirelessly to make his vision a reality.

The event will also be raising cash for UK Forces Support which is an excellent and important charitable cause.

Paul has just announced the running order of bands for the outside two stages, and has advised attendees to register for tickets here (Click ‘add to wait list’ and fill out details) – it’s still absolutely free to attend.

Note that at 8pm (20:00H), the Samantha-Jayne Band are playing. I saw this very talented saxophonist playing on Sunday at the Our Big Gig shindig in the Arboretum, and she really was a classy, accomplished act. It’ll be worth going just to see Samantha, let alone all the other great musicians.


Running list as posted by Paul Green to Facebook. Performers inside the pub yet to be announced.

For details of the event visit or use Facebook and Twitter.

You could do worse than buy a festival shirt. What’s not to love?

For details of sponsorship or to support this event in any way you can, please email

For details of UKFS, see

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2 Responses to Brownhills Music Festival 2013 – Running order announced

  1. I sincerely hope that these beat combos will be playing loud amplified guitar music to entertain the good people Shire Oak. I welcome the opportunity to park my hippy caravan in front of someones drive and in doing so reduce the value of their property. I may even erect my teepee and play my didgeridoo on their lawn.

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