Walsall, everything a pound…

My thanks to Stuart Williams, curator of the Bloxwich telegraph, who spotted this short film this evening. It’s a tribute to the lost buildings of Walsall.

Watch it to the end. It’s very, very sad. A totally brilliant, beautifully animated piece of work. Turn your sound on too.

It is credited to user SalmonCorporation, who doesn’t have any other videos. I suspect it may be the same origin as the Sister Dora Live Gig video, which amused most of Walsall when it emerged. The standards on this film, the Dora parody and The Bloxwich Tourism and Leisure Board are all superlative.

My hat is doffed. I defy you not to feel pangs of melancholy after watching it.

[Added 10 minutes after publication]

The next time someone tells you Walsall and it’s boroughs are a shithole, useless, dirty, that the people are thick, or lower class… show them this film. There’s more sharp passion and angry love in that four minutes than you’ll ever see.

The people who represent us may not give a toss. But we do.

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10 Responses to Walsall, everything a pound…

  1. Barry Carpenter says:

    Very good and very too the point, give that man a coconut from poundland.

  2. Mick P says:

    Well done Stuart and Bob for helping to bring this to light, it’s an excellent short film.

  3. Clive says:

    Great video, thanks to all involved. Could of done with out that bloody tatter on a sunday morning though…lol.

  4. Graeme Fisher says:

    Brilliant. But it doesn’t look up to the first floor of all those shitty shops, where the gorgeous architecture lives. Look up, and love your town.

    Ah, fire. Some’s lit by kids, some’s lit by very clever men……

  5. stymaster says:

    It’s rather good isn’t it. I’ll gladly buy the creator a pint or five. Graeme’s right about the architecture, too, and the fires.

  6. jim says:

    While I was responsible for the sister Dora & Bloxwich videos this one isn’t mine whoever did this one is a far better animator than me.

  7. Very affecting. A love song to an unloved town. This should be entered for a prize.

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