In God we trust

David Evans – top contributor and one of the Brownhills Blog’s top correspondents in Walsall Wood – has again sent me some excellent scans from the Ebenezer Church commerative booklet. There’s been a fantastic response to these wonderful scans, and I’m absolutely loving sharing them with you. I thank David, as ever, most profusely for his generosity in supplying them.

I had some difficulty with the original images David supplied, and he was patient and good-hearted enough to send some other copies, which were just perfect, thanks. This material has been wonderful and it’s a joy to get it on line where it can be found and studied by all interested in the history of Walsall Wood.

Click on any image to see a larger version.

David said this in his mail:

This is a copy of a scan from the booklet, a scan of a print from a scan… I hope this is better.

Here are the names of the people in the group photo:

Back row, from the left

Taylor, Walker, Howells, Smith, Oakley, Evans, Beniston, Whitehouse, Cund, Holland, Rowley

Front row, from the left

Dunning, Bullock, Whitehouse, Minister, Martin, Higgs, Higgs, Taylor

Absent because he was at work – Thacker

The photos for this booklet were taken one Sunday afternoon

I will get in touch with my source to see if she can send the page as a scanned attachment instead of a paper copy which I might be able to try again..the joys of she had had problems with her scanner she sent me this photocopy, which might explain things!

Please let me know how you get on with this, though

The names of the original trustees for Ebenezer building were inscribed in foundation stones. I have seen the original trust documents which were found in a time capsule..a large whisky bottle, when the church was demolished some years ago. I have a photo copy of this “somehwere”.


David Evans

Page scanned from a commemorative booklet issued by the Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Church in Walsall Wood.

Page scanned from a commemorative booklet issued by the Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Church in Walsall Wood.

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9 Responses to In God we trust

  1. jennie mckay (0akley) says:

    What a sup rise – my Dad and Grandad pictured!

  2. D.Evans says:

    Hi Jennie
    your grandma, Jack’s wife, is in the choir photo the Walsall Wood, an old photos in this blog site.


    David Evans

  3. D.Evans says:

    Hi Jennie
    and your mom is pictured in the group The Pride of the Community
    best wishes
    David Evans

  4. David Oakley says:

    Hi David,
    Found the Ebenezer photos and what a surprise! Recognised Winston Oakley (second cousin) who married Mary Holland who lived in Salters Road and Mary’s father also in the picture. Hilda Martin was a lovely lady and quite a close family friend. Winston took over a shop in Rugeley but later took over Denning’s of Brownhills on the retirement of Mr. Denning, Lovely to know that I still have a relative in the locality from that branch of the family. Sincere best wishes, Jennie.
    Thanks again, David.
    David Oakley.

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  7. many thanks David
    All of this history and memorabelia is fantastic for freinds and family of these good folk and will hopefully help to support the existence of Walsall Wood Football Club, in the dialog with The Council

  8. Ann Riddell nee Marlow says:

    Hello David, lovely to find these photos. My grandad David Rowley is on them and of course I know almost all of the others. Brings back a lot of happy memories. Ann Riddell nee Marlow.

  9. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    I think the Minister is Rev Eric Richardson, who also features in the British Legion plaque photo,Lichfield Road Brownhills, along with Major and Mrs Parsley, and Councillor Sam Breeze
    Rev Richardson left the circuit in 1952

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