Gorgeous curves

Here’s a bit of a request stop. A few weeks ago there was a very positive response to my digitally contouring of an Ordnance Survey map in the analysis of the Watford Gap area near Sutton Coldfield.

I have a bit of clever software that can do this, and access to the mapping data to use as a canvas.

Quite a few folk seemed to like the mapping, so I’ve taken various places at afferent angles and zoom levels, for a bit of Sunday fun.

All these contours are amplified, but they mirror exactly how the landscape is. Some of the images are very large and may take a while to load, so be patient.

Have fun. Please comment any questions you have.


1:50,000 geomorph of Lichfield and the wider area. Note how the rivers Tame and Trent shaped the landscape, and also how the poorer bits of ‘old’ Lichfield are on flatlands. Anoraks (or cardigans) may spot Knowle Hill. Click for a larger version.

Untitled 4

1:50,000 Walsall, Barr Beacon, Aldridge and Shire Oak. Note that the ridge of hills that becomes the Beacon starts at Brownhills and forms a curved spine to the south. Click for a larger version.

Untitled 6

1:50,000 Landrager morphed over the 8x exaggerated contours of Cannock Chase. Note Blithfield Reservoir, top, and Castle Ring, bottom right. Click for a larger version.

Untitled 5

1:25,000 showing the hills of Walsall from the north, the flatness of The Arboretum, and why there was a moat up by Moat Road. Click for a larger version.

Untitled 3

1:25,000 contour profile of Lichfield, showing five distinct hills. Note the flatness of the Trent Valley. Click for a larger version.

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5 Responses to Gorgeous curves

  1. Rob says:

    Good effect there Bob.
    Are you overlaying contour data on DTM software?

  2. Clive says:

    Nice maps Bob, Thank you.

  3. Thanks Bob. I love this…want one!

  4. Nice one Bob.

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