Urgent help required

There’s something of dire social importance going on in Walsall right now. It’s cold, and people are on the streets. In town, there are a group of people working to help the displaced, the lost and the lonely. Please help them all you can.

The Plastic Hippo posted a brilliant piece last night on the subject in his own, beautiful, inimitable sting-in-the-tail style. Do read it, please.

That any of this is necessary, in Walsall, in 2013 shames humanity, our authorities and us.

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A remarkable piece of writing, and jolly nice soup recipe, to boot. Click on the image to visit Hippo’s post.

Hi’s and Lows Emergency Homeless Shelter at The Crossing at St Paul’s is open overnight during this very cold period and they have a desperate need for donations to support Walsall’s homeless.

Anything you can do to support this service would be hugely appreciated and potentially life-saving with these sub-zero temperatures.

Useful donations include:

  • Men’s jumpers, socks, underwear (new pants only, please!), hats and coats
  • Board games/magazines/books
  • Toiletries
  • Gloves/hats
  • Any snacks, tea, coffee, sugar, hot chocolate, biscuits, cakes

You can drop items off at the Crossing or contact them via:

Telephone:   0800 917 2069/01922 627294

Mobile:         07980 238 203
Email: enquiries@hisandlowswalsallusergroup.co.uk


Office Suite 2
The Crossing at St Pauls
Darwall Street
West Midlands
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8 Responses to Urgent help required

  1. lightbluefish1964 says:

    Thank you so much 🙂
    We also need loo rolls, kitchen roll and black bags. Also any toiletries would be helpful, as would things like ketchup/brown sauce!
    Just off there in a bit for my volunteering night shift…..it is going to be busy (sadly)

  2. Dan Slee says:

    Thanks for highlighting this, Bob. I’ll look to flag this up this appeal with the people who work at Walsall Council. The Crossing – and His and Los – are a short distance from the Council House.

  3. Warrington Cuthbert smyth. says:

    Glad i am not out on the streets in this weather. Then again, nothing would stop me from getting a roof over my head, and i mean nothing. It is beyond me how this happens in this day and age, but it does. Kudos to all who help with this, i just hope it does not cause more of a problem in the future.
    I wonder where Pember might have spent the night should he have still been with us?

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