A freshly fallen, silent shroud of snow

Today, I left for work as usual and after a bit of a battle, got to work, only to find it was closing up and everybody was going home. Undeterred, I cycled back into Birmingham and caught a train back to Blake Street, from where I went for a wonderful snowstorm ride around the backlanes of Footherley, Shenstone, Chesterfield and Hilton.

There’s more from this expedition on my 365daysofbiking journal, and I’m hoping to compile some video footage. There may well be more of this stuff if I can get up on the Chase over the weekend. To those who don’t like it… sorry.

This post has given me chance to explore a new gallery format that came with the new theme; hover over an image to see the caption, click on it to zoom in for details. Your feedback is welcomed and invited.

I love the snow.

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5 Responses to A freshly fallen, silent shroud of snow

  1. Trevor Brown says:

    Great Photos Bob can you send me some snow 39 here today,
    Trev in hot Aus

  2. Andy Dennis says:

    I like your new gallery format as it offers the best of both worlds, allowing readers to see the “story” and then zoom in for more detail.
    I don’t know if this is the case in the Shenstone area, but in a number of rural areas, Shropshire for example, farmers are retained for snow clearing, given snow ploughs to attach to tractors, so more remote rural settlements are not cut off.

  3. morturn says:

    Great set of photos there, I also really like the format. Maybe you could tell me how to do that on my site please?

  4. Dave Edwards says:

    Great photos. Feels like were riding along with you…..phew

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