The fastest thing on the road

Just before Christmas, I got hold of a new bike cam. It’s a GoPro HD Hero black edition, which has some pretty nifty features, including less distortion from the lens and better performance in low light. I’ve been using it ever since I got it, but the weather and dull commutes haven’t been conducive to decent ride videos.

Thankfully, the snow has arrived. Despite some difficulty with snow covering the lens and condensation, here’s the first snowy bike cam: Tyseley Station to Birmingham New Street.

The music is ‘The Slow Train’ by Lemon Jelly, featuring an inspired sample of The King Singers.

I loved every minute.

For best results, click on the little cog symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the video, select the highest resolution the video will run at on your connection, then click the little square symbol, near to the cog on the right. That’ll display the film full screen. to finish, hit ‘esc’ on your keyboard.

Hopefully, more to come soon.

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6 Responses to The fastest thing on the road

  1. Great stuff.

  2. Andy Dennis says:


    Years ago I remember discussing with a work colleague what we enjoyed about cycling. There were obvious things like fitness, discovering new places, the exhilaration of speed on a steep or long downhill stretch seeing things you can’t see in a car, but we both thought that the simple rythm of pedaling was theraputic in itself. It turned out we both found ourselves singing, or at least replaying music in our heads, that had the same sort of rythm. These things also help you get up big hills. Train motifs were among the best. I used to be able to recite Night Mail by WH Auden (This is the night mail crossing the Border, Bringing the cheque and the postal order …) while cycling home from work.

    You have said that you are mystified by how popular these clips are. I suspect in some cases it’s jealousy. I wish I’d had such a camera when I overtook a bus full of astonished passengers going down Snake Pass towards Glossop!

  3. Tim Lewis says:

    Quality is excellent.

    Cycling is MAD.

    Wish I had gloves like yours.

  4. Barry Carpenter says:

    A little hairy at times, reminded me of my time cycling in my 20’s. I too remember overtaking a learner driver and grinning at her as I went past!

  5. Barry Carpenter says:

    The GoPro is a brilliant bit of kit, I have the Hero HD and I’m just about getting to grips with video editing.

  6. Ian says:

    I really enjoyed that, thanks Bob! You’ve got more bottle than I!

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