Dog walkers beware – possible bait found on Clayhanger Common again


Clayhanger Common and other local heaths and open spaces are very popular with dog walkers. Take care, people, there are some morons about.

Reader Andrea Atterbury has been in touch to warn readers that items of what is believed to be meat bait have been recently found on Clayhanger Common including pig’s trotters, leading to renewed fears that poisoned lures may be being placed on the common again.

Andrea wrote:


It has been noted that fresh meat, pigs trotters, have been found on the spot in Clayhanger.

There is concern that these may contain poison, as a dead fox and dead cat have recently been found in the same area.

Please warn all dog walkers, just in case. It has happened before.


In January 2016 the local media carried a story from a lady mourning her dog whom she believed ate poisoned meat whilst being walked on Clayhanger Common and warned other dog lovers to beware – a number of other suspicious finds occurred, including a lucky escape for Baxter the dog leading to concerns that someone may well be trying to poison foxes or birds of prey there.

There are periodic reports of this kind of thing; in 2015 there were a series of reported incidents in Pelsall that caused great concern. If you walk your dog on commons and heaths locally, keep an eye on them and be aware of anything they show particular interest in.

I can’t imagine what’s going through the head of anyone who would do such a thing. Just awful.

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1 Response to Dog walkers beware – possible bait found on Clayhanger Common again

  1. julia says:

    Having read your post. Firstly thankyou for posting the warning. After meg was poisoned last January. I was hoping that who ever was responsible would have seen how devastated we were through the media and would stop the evil act,not only for pets but for our wildlife. But obviously not. I hope whoever you are have read this and are ashamed. We are still saddend by our lovely meg not being here.

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