There’s no catching these Colts!

The team at ready to play Walsall FC.

You all know how keen I am to promote local sport here, and although I hear most from Walsall Wood FC, the blog is open to any club or team in the area who want me to carry promos, appeals or match reports – and I’m glad today to be able to feature the news of a remarkable bunch of young footballers who are doing Brownhills proud.

Brownhills Community Colts Under 9s have been together for just over 2 years now and the team started in 2015 as Under 7s, and in that time they have achieved remarkable success, currently enjoying a 33 match unbeaten run – bagging another 2 games since this article was sent to me just over a week ago!

I know readers will join with me in congratulating these youngsters and their manager, Shaun Derry on this remarkable achievement, and they need our support – so Louise Kendrick got in touch to tell me all about the team, their history and their wonderful performance.

She wrote:

Hi Bob,

I emailed you a few months ago asking to write a piece on our local football team. They are under 9s at the moment and last week played against Walsall F.C. to go 31 games unbeaten, we have since played again this weekend just gone and the boys have now gone 33 games unbeaten.

I’ve put together a piece for you including some photos.

Louise @ Derry Group

I have contact details and anyone who is interested in the team and wants more information, I can pass those on – but you can find out more at the team’s Facebook page here. It’s really good to see a local kid’s team finding such success, and it’s a testament not just to the dedication of the boys involved, but of their manager and support as well. I wish the the very best for the rest of the season, and thanks to Louise Kendrick for getting in touch.

Louise wrote:

Brownhills Community Colts Under 9s

All images and captions Kindly supplied by Louise Kendrick.

The team began in the summer of 2015 when the boys were all 6 years old. They were formed by their manager Shaun Derry. They have had 3 seasons together so far and even though they are in different schools around Brownhills, they have really bonded as a team and are all really good friends.

This current season they are under 9s and this seems to be the best season for the boys so far but their achievements have been on-going since they started.

As under 7s they won two trophy events and were runner’s up in the 3rd trophy event of that season.

As under 8s, their winning streak continued, again winning trophy events and always topping the table in their groups. After the Christmas break in the 2016/2017 season as under 8s, the boys did something that not many teams have been able to achieve. They played 2 games every Sunday and went on a run to become unbeaten in 24 games.

As under 9s, they have become stronger as a team, both physically and technically. They started the 2017/2018 season of on a high. Week in, week out, the winning continued. The boys wanted to beat their current record of unbeaten in 24 games. The 25th game came and the boys won. They had officially beaten their own record. But their winning did not stop there, they have continued to date and within the season so far, they have now gone 30 games unbeaten!

The boys are on fire at the moment, even if we go a goal down or we’re drawing with our opposition, they just find the winners in themselves and apply that to the game and they end up winning, continuing their winning streak.

On Monday 19th March, the boys were invited to play against Walsall F.C Academy under 9s. They had heard about the teams winning streak and wanted to play the boys and see how good they were. This was a big thing for the team as they had been personally invited by Walsall to play against the under 9s academy.

The team attended the evening along with their fans, (moms, dads, sisters and brothers). The time came for kick off and the game as a whole was a really good game to watch. The boys were determined, focused and just enjoying playing as a team. They played four 15 minute halves which they all really enjoyed. If you search for Brownhills Colts F.C on Facebook, you can see all the photos from the evening and also a short match report including team news.

The team were 6-4 up in the last 15 minutes of the game which then made Walsall fight back to end the match at 6-6. So the team has now gone officially 31 games unbeaten.

At the age of 9, to go 31 games unbeaten is an incredible achievement and something they should be really proud of. They are putting Brownhills Community Colts back on the map. We are overhearing people say things like ‘this is a strong team’ and ‘that’s Brownhills, the team that always wins’. People are now starting to recognise who the boys are and I think that their achievements should be recognised with the people of Brownhills.

The boys are proud to be from Brownhills and all wear their kits with pride, so let’s get Brownhills behind these boys!

11 games left….. Can they go the end of the season and continue their winning streak? Attached are a few photos from our under 9’s season.

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3 Responses to There’s no catching these Colts!

  1. David Evans says:

    I wish the team every success and look forward to them coming to Walsall Wood to play a match some time…they will be sure of a warm welcome, as will their parents and grandparents
    kind regards

  2. andyropes7 says:

    This is a great story and shows what talent is out their in our community with these youngsters. Congrats to Shaun and the team it’s nice to see a young man such as Shaun who was a terrific player putting something back into grass roots football after his excellent non league career.

    Ropes – FTGOTCommunity 👍

  3. Louise Kendrick says:

    Another 2 wins for the boys today! Taking their tally to 35 games unbeaten 👍🏻

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