Class of… when, and who?


A photo from Brownhills School, I think early 60s. Anyone got any ideas? Image supplied by David Evans.

I’ve been contacted by David Evans, with the following request. I’d really like to name the submitter as it could help greatly with the identification of folk on the photo, but I’m not sure if I can.

It looks early sixties to me, maybe Ogley Hay. Anyone recognise themselves or any other kids? How about the staff members either side? Any help gratefully received.

I’ll let David tell you about it. He wrote:

Hi Bob

In the course of a recent, very enjoyable chat and cup of tea with two good Brownhills people, now living away from the town, I was shown this scan of the good lady’s Brownhills Junior School class photo.

She has asked for the blog readers’ help in accurately dating the photo and identifying the other pupils in the group, please.

With kind regards,


My thanks to David for the submission and the start of another interesting local history thread – do stay tuned.

If you have anything, please do comment, or mail me at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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18 Responses to Class of… when, and who?

  1. Sheila Kelly says:

    Hi Bob,
    This photo is definately Ogley Hay Juniors – staff members are Mr Horton (the head) on left and Mr Thomas (form teacher) on the right. Looks like early 60’s as you say. I left in 1967 and it’s before that.
    Many thanks for all good work on blog.
    Regards Sheila K

  2. Warren Parry says:

    Looks like my uncle Geoph Woodhouse (Bottom row 3 from left)
    Looks Like Brian Holyman three from the top right.
    I will pass this on to some one who might fill a lot of spaces.

  3. john mainwaring says:

    Hi Bob,this is definitely an ogley hay junior school photo!
    sheila is quite right mr horton is on the left he became headmaster there, and mr thomas is on the right he taught PE,sorry i don’t recognise any of the children as its a few years before my time there
    John Mainwaring

    • Greg Pace says:

      Hi John, You are right about teachers.
      Hope you and Andrew are well – you used to be our neighbours (bottom of garden). Kindest regards Greg

  4. john snape says:

    hi, a few names that i think are there, philip saunders, paul taylor, albert harris,maureen litteler, jackie day sandra wickson, mayreen birch, g hopkins , diane dalton, carol lakin, linda darnly, linda anker, peggy breed, linda beddows, john snape, john bishop, paul gillian, melvin ansell, robert widowson,john franklin, gary hill, geoff hayward, i can`t remember exact year it was taken,i`am 62 next year if that helps date it, iv`e got another one somewhere taken a year or two later,i`am sitting front row second from left .
    john snape

  5. Peter Leek says:

    There’s some names from the past from John Snape, I couldn’t pick any out as I went to Watling Street but know them From the senior schools. Cheers John

  6. kim owen says:

    hi my dads in this photo edward owen so its got to be in the 60s

  7. Andrew White says:

    This is Ogley Hay Juniors, the picture was taken in the playing fields in Great Charles Street, I am second from the right of pupils Andrew White I cannot remember names, other than John Snape. I am fairly sure it was taken in 1962/1963

  8. peggy cole says:

    some of the people in this photo are jane birch,Maureen, littler Jackie Adams Sylvia rivers, doris stretton, carol breeden,maureen birch ,edward owen paul tayler,david hill, alan beven,jeff hale,Susan day,Sandra wickson,diane dalton,linda beddows,paul sheard danny Donovan,Robert widdison,linda anker ,denise smith,jackie day,Phillip Saunders,Margaret Sylvester,victor Haywood,john page,carol lakin,Albert Harris, brenda chadwick,linda darnley,peggy breed,linda hanley,glenys leach,winnifred macefield,susan raybold,1962

  9. Andrew Upton says:

    hello, has anyone school photos from 67 to 71-2 of ogley school thanks

  10. Denise smith is my mum. She’ll love looking at these old pics.

  11. Julie Handley (was short). says:

    If this was taken at Ogley Hay Junior the teachers could be Mr. Horton (head teacher) and Mr. Thomas. Don’t know about the pupils as I didn’t go to the school until 1970.

  12. Graham Stevens says:

    I was there 1975-1979. Mrs Ham was Head, replaced by Ms Guest. Picture definitely shows Mr.Thomas, who was still there when I was. Happy days hey?!

  13. Ray Reeves says:

    I didn’t start there until about 1964 I remember Horton being the head. I wished I could remember the form teachers name who gave me such a good grounding in maths.

  14. kathy bull says:

    hi I also no a lot on the photograph this is a message for john snape do you have a brother called sid and a sister called ruth if possible I would love to hear from you ,my maiden name was kathy cooper if you are the same john then yes I went out with your brother sid many years ago ,I love all the old photos .hope to hear from you I am also on facebook as kathy bull

  15. Michael Turner says:

    3rd row up, 4th from right is Glennis Hopkins, now my sister-in law..

  16. Steve Sant says:

    Im on it, 6 from left front row. I started in 1966 so its then or just after. Pretty sure two rows behind me is my then neighbour Maxine Collins. My teacher was Mrs Ward-Davies but thats about all I recall. I left in 1968.

  17. Harry Griffiths says:

    My name is harry Griffiths it’s got to be 62 because most of them on photo went up to the central school and left in 1966 most them was in my class with jimmy Holland Ronnie Bevan tony hogekins stanley tolbut

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