New year quiz 2017: part two for the explorers…

Part One of the New Year Quiz 2017 can be found at. this link here.


The weather might not be great, but why not get out and see which of these questions you can solve?

Right, here’s the second half of the Brownhills Blog New Year Quiz 2017 – these questions are for those who can explore the area and have a nose around – the first set were released yesterday, and are for those who may be unable to explore or just prefer to research their answers online.

You can answer as many questions as you like in ether part. The highest score in either part will win Backyard Ale (or an equivalent if you don’t drink!)

If many remain unanswered, I’ll award the prizes and leave the remainder open for spot prizes.

All pictures are from our area, or places you might find me, reasonably locally.

Remember, this is just for fun!

Answers will close at 9pm, Sunday 8th January 2017, or until every question is answered beforehand.

Points will be awarded to the first person to comment the correct answer to any question. All questions worth one point unless stated. After that, no points will be handed out for answering it again. I will tot up the scores as we go. Answers will only be accepted as comments to the quiz posts, and my decision will be open and final.

Remember to include the number of the question in your comment, otherwise it won’t be counted! Answers will only be accepted as comments here – any on Facebook, Twatter or via email will be ignored.

Don’t worry if your comment is held in moderation, I will take the submission time if necessary.

I don’t expect anyone to get lots right. I think the questions are diverse enough that a fairly low score might well win – so do have a go. If the result is a draw, I’ll hold a tie breaker. What form that will take will depend on the result. Please just take a punt, and have fun.

Good luck!

Q26: Where’s this chimney with the unusual pots?


Q27: Local lock gate – but which workshop, and when? (1 point)


Q28: Where is this odd compound someone really doesn’t want intruders in?


Q29: What is this peculiar compound guarding?

Q30: What bridge is this? What’s the missing date? (1 point)


Q31: Where is this post and what is it?


Q32: What does this sign say?


Q33: Where is this microwave antenna?


Q34: Where is this footpath fingerpost?


Q35: Where might I find these marks?


Q36: Ooh, psychedelic (or chemical engineer?) froggy. Where?


Q37: An important piece of girder work. Where would I find it?


Q38: A bear with a nice hat and a fish. Where does he live?


Q39: A bench dedicated to Reeves. What is the missing first name, please?


Q40: Where would I see this floodlight and roofline?

quiz-7 Q41: What the Dickens is this?


Q42: Whereabouts did I find it?

Q43: Damned vandals in 1931. Where did this rascal leave his mark?


Q44: Where are they concerned about what might be happening below?


Q45: A debate rages: Load 1 Ton or Loaditon? Don’t know, but where?


Q46: How many made steps are there from the upper bank onto the Fly Creek Boardwalk bridge at Chasewater North Heath?

Q47: Poor Joseph, he passed so young. Where would I find his gravestone? (You need to be as precise as you can)

Q48: What is the place name blanked out here? For a bonus point, what’s the name on the blanked-out plaque?


Q49: A festively decorated bus stop. Where is it?


Q50:Where might I find railings with finials like this?


Q51: And a bonus question for the true anoraks….
What services are blanked out and what is this stop’s location, please? (that includes which side of the road!)


Q52: A last one from a reader. Blimey this is good.
Where is this building that’s shown from a very unusual angle?
This is very hard, so it’s worth 2 points.


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84 Responses to New year quiz 2017: part two for the explorers…

  1. Clive says:

    Part 2, Q35. Friction bar on the corners of canal bridges. stop canal boat ropes from damaging the brick work.

  2. andkindred says:

    Blyme Bob!

  3. Clive says:

    Part 2, Q34. at the side of Goblin wood, Green Lane Walsall Wood, this finger post means that the landowner as given permision for the public to use it, but its not a public right of way.

  4. Lynn Lynk says:

    Q. 50 Streets Corner flats opp. Co op and school.

  5. Lynn Lynk says:

    Q31. Is it a RAF marker post. Cannock Chase Marquis Drive RAF Hednesford base.

  6. Andy Dennis says:

    Q34. Where Engine Lane crosses the dismantled railway.

  7. David Evans says:

    Effluent liquid levels in the old coalmine workings..Is this by the canal near Barons Court?

  8. David Evans says:

    the old Slough…some Rushbrooks still around!

  9. Denis says:

    Q41 Finial from top of railway signal post.
    Q42 Chasewater Railway Station

  10. Clive says:

    Part 2, Q37. The girder is for lifting the pump motors out for maintance work at Clayhanger pump station by painted Island leading into Clayhanger. or it maybe the one in Green Lane Walsall Wood.

  11. David Evans says:

    q28 and q29 Hall Lane, Walsall Wood, Walsall Road end of the lane….has a monitoring station inside the compound

  12. David Evans says:

    q47 in front of st Johns church entrance, Walsall Wood..stone against the side retaining wall
    but what happened to the obelisk years ago?

  13. David Evans says:

    q52 grove colliery building. from a drone!

  14. David Evans says:

    Arthur…a cockney

  15. David Evans says:

    q32 veolia

  16. Clive says:

    part 2. Q30. Catshills canal Bridge, date 1892.

  17. Clive says:

    part2. Q26. The two cottages next to Goblin Wood, Green Lane, Walsall Wood

  18. Clive says:

    Part2, Q49. Pelsall Village by the Common.

  19. Right folks, going to do some marking later – have I made it too hard this year?

    Do we need clues?

    Have a go – you could win! Some great answers so far!


  20. Lynn Lynk says:

    Q48 Stonnall
    Q49 Stonnall, Main Street

  21. Helen says:

    Q34 centre reservation on A5 dual carriageway between the Crown pub & the closed down pub ( the rising sun ?)

  22. Lynn Lynk says:

    Q51 3 3A 10 10A and 24 Anchor Bridge pub side towards Shire Oak.
    Can we have some clues please as you have foxed us this year. Well done.

  23. Right you lot – clues. This is wide open, so go for it. You have nothing to lose, but beer and books to win!

    Come on, have a go!

    Q27 This is at Longwood. Easy point if you’re passing!
    Q32 is on coppice side
    Q33 think local cellphone masts!
    Q36 It’s on a bin, by a footpath, on a bank somewhere I go a fair bit.
    Q38 He’s near a vintage gear seller and a bric a brac seller
    Q39 That’s in Hammerwich
    Q40 It’s a local pub in quite a dark place, hence the floodlight
    Q41 Is on a bridge in a picturesque spot
    Q44 is near a manufacturer of structural steelwork that’s usually painted orange
    Q45 is near the bear with the fish. Really surprised nobody got this.
    Q46 You can possibly do this one from 365days photos. Fly creek is where the boardwalk is that floods when Chasewater is full!
    Q47 it’s in St. James, Brownhills. But Where?
    Q48 Two words. A barn conversion noted for the letter N
    Q50 and 52 clues in answers above! 52 has been empty for years.

    OK – step to it!


  24. Denis says:

    Q44 Special Formwork?

    • Yes, I’ll give you that. There’s a row of them along the canal towpath on the elevated section from the Marlpit to Leighswood bridge.

      People have complained about tripping over them. They are bores monitoring canal leakage.

      You got 3 points


  25. Denis says:

    Q27 Longwood Boat Club, old stables?

  26. clive says:

    Q36. Dog bin Chasewater. and Q45. Chasewater railway shed.

  27. Lynn Lynk says:

    Q40 Blackcock Pub

  28. Lynn Lynk says:

    Q50 Lindon Road either house near anchor bridge or outside Motolek Ltd
    Q52 The Wheel Pub on Lindon Road

  29. Lynn Lynk says:

    Q48 Upper or Lower Stonnall

  30. Lynn Lynk says:

    Q38 Chasewater railway station
    Q45 Near Chasewater railway station

  31. Lynn Lynk says:

    Q46 Let’s try 17 or 18 its being a while since I walked round Chasewater.
    Q52 Keepers Cottage

  32. Lynn Lynk says:

    Q32 Saddlers Court MFG

  33. Lynn Lynk says:

    Q50 Anchor pub

  34. Lynn Lynk says:

    Q 33 near One Stop Apex Road

  35. Clive says:

    Q33. could this be the cell phone mast on Coppice Ind estate by the canal and old railway track!

  36. Yes, Lynn won that one.

    My reckoning is as follows:

    q26 Clive
    q30 Clive
    q31 Lynn
    q32 Lynn
    q33 Lynn/Clive
    q34 Clive
    q35 Clive
    q36 Clive
    q37 Clive
    q38 Clive
    q40 Lynn
    q41 Dennis
    q42 Dennis
    q44 Dennis
    q45 Clive
    q46 Lynn
    q48 Lynn
    q49 Lynn
    q50 Lynn
    q51 Lynn
    q52 Lynn 2 points

    Lynn with 11 points
    Clive with 9 points
    Dennis with 3

    Clive deserves a runners up prize which I’ll sort with him, and Dennis two, as I thought the signal post final was hard

    I’ll give 28 and 29 to David Evans as he remembered the purpose and reason for security, but wrong site.

    Cheers for being sports, I’ll be in tough and list the full answers in a bit


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