Can you help this local artist complete his life’s work?

Maurice has continued his scroll despite periods of ill health. Image from the Express and Star.

Hi folks – here’s an important request for help for a wonderfully talented local man who’s patiently been undertaking a remarkable local history project for pretty much half a century – Maurice Ivor Birch and his astounding drawing Aldridge on a Roll.

Maurice is very near completion of the 100yard long scroll and is looking for photos of some old buildings and places to finish it off.

You can read about Maurice and his project at this Express and Star article here.

I’ll let Maurice explain:

I wonder if any of your readers can help me, I desperately need pictures of old buildings in and around Aldridge, Dumblederry Farm is one, formerly Drumble Dairy, Dumblederry Lane Aldridge, another is the old Co-operative grocery shop and the butchers which stood side by side on the Walsall Wood Road Aldridge, then there is Mr Dilgers clock shop which used to be next to the Anchor Inn at the Walsall Wood Road and High Street junction.

Maurice is clearly a very talented man. Image from the Express and Star.

I am the Author of ‘Aldridge On A Roll’ and am nearing the end of my scroll which contains sketches of old and interesting buildings in and around Aldridge village.

I have been working on this scroll mainly during the winter months for 49 years and need around three feet of sketches to bring it to an end taking it up to one hundred yards in length.

Best wishes,

I think you’ll agree this is a stunning and wonderful thing and if blog readers can help Maurice, that would be most excellent please.

Comment on this post, mail me at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or our my coat on social media if you can help. Thanks!

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