Chasewater Countryside Events and Guided Walks 2016 – details available here


Chasewater is a hidden gem right on our doorstep. Why not take part in a few of the events – you may meet stunning ladies like these!

It seems that the management at Chasewater are really getting their shizzle together at last  – now not only do we have the excellent Rangers Rant Newsletters I feature here, but now we also have a published list of events for 2016 at the park.

The booklet is available free from the innovation centre, but I’ve taken a copy and scanned it as there doesn’t seem to be one online.

There will be other events, too, not organised by the same team, and I suspect there may inevitably be some variation in final events, but this is an excellent starting point. My thanks to all concerned.

You can download the whole booklet in PDF format here, or click on any image below for a full-size version. If you need more information, contact the Innovation Centre directly, or mail me and I’ll pass your enquiry on: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Chasewater Countryside Events and Guided Walks 2016 PDF version

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