A mystery photo – can you help?

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Looking at the flat caps, maybe 1920s? What do you think? Bill Mayo would like to know who this team are, and where they are. Image from Bill, via David Evans.

Here’s an interesting enquiry from the Young David Evans to see if we can help local historian Bill Mayo – Bill is of course the wonderful local historian and collector of photos who co-wrote great books on Brownhills, Walsall Wood and wider borough history. Without Bill’s work, local history would be very much the poorer.

Bill has the above mystery football photo in his collection which is dateless and nameless, yet he’s convinced it’s a Brownhillian team.

David wrote:

Hi Bob

Please can your readers help local historian BIll Mayo identify these proud local footballers?

Bill believes the photo is of a local – that is, Brownhills – team but can your readers please help to identify the people in the image, and if possible the location and date the photo was taken?

Kind regards

If you can help, please do. Bill has done so much to preserve our local history, and it’s on his shoulders, and those of his contemporaries like John Sale and Gerald Reece that we all stand here on the Brownhills Blog.

That strip looks familiar. I’m thinking perhaps fellow local historian and author Clive Roberts might have some insight.

If you can help, please do comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers!

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3 Responses to A mystery photo – can you help?

  1. alan thacker says:

    think it might be an old warreners team as they played in striped shirts —or it could be an old ogley hay team

  2. graham birch (grandson of George Dorsett) says:

    looks to me like a Brownhills Albion team. They played in red and white stripes

  3. Glynis Edwards (nee Parkes) says:

    I think the chap 5 from the right (looks the tallest at the back in the striped jersey) Is my granddad Fred Parkes … he was killed playing cricket for Pelsall in 1923 so it is possibly 1921 / 22…. this is only one of two pictures the family have of him … sad end for a talented sportsman

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