New year quiz 2016: part two for the explorers…

If you don’t fancy these questions, the first half of the quiz can be found by clicking here.


The weather’s been bloody awful – but this could well be a good excuse to get out and explore…

Right, here’s the second half of the Brownhills Blog New Year Quiz 2016 – these questions are for those who can explore the area and have a nose around – the first set were released yesterday, and are for those who may be unable to explore or just prefer to research their answers online.

You can answer as many questions as you like in ether part. The highest score in either part will win Backyard Ale (or an equivalent if you don’t drink!).

If many remain unanswered, I’ll award the prizes and leave the remainder open for spot prizes.

All pictures are from Brownhills, Walsall Wood or the immediate area.

Remember, this is just for fun!

Answers will close at 9pm, Sunday 10th January 2016, or until every question is answered beforehand.

Points will be awarded to the first person to comment the correct answer to any question. All questions worth one point unless stated. After that, no points will be handed out for answering it again. I will tot up the scores as we go. Answers will only be accepted as comments to this post, and my decision will be open and final.

Remember to include the number of the question in your comment, otherwise it won’t be counted! Answers will only be accepted as comments here – any on Facebook, Twatter or via email will be ignored.

Don’t worry if your comment is held in moderation, I will take the submission time if necessary.

I don’t expect anyone to get lots right. I think the questions are diverse enough that a fairly low score might well win – so do have a go. If the result is a draw, I’ll hold a tie breaker. What form that will take will depend on the result. Please just take a punt, and have fun.

Good luck!

Q26: Where’s this TV aerial?

quiz 2 no1

Q27: What words are missing here?

quiz 2 no21

Q28: Courtesy Apple Maps, where’s this play area?

quiz 2 no15

Q29: Quite right, too. But where, and who are the trust?

quiz 2 no3

Q30: Where are these green and gold railings?

quiz 2 no18

Q31: Where is this post and what is it?

quiz 2 no16

Q32: Whose hand, and what’s his phone number?

quiz 2 no5

Q33: Interesting textures and colours. Where?

quiz 2 no6

Q34: Where’s this happy person?

quiz 2 no20

Q35: Where might I find this roofline?

quiz 2 no19

Q36: Another antenna, of a different kind. Where is it?

quiz 2 no7

Q37: What are the two names recorded on the south-facing side of William Roberts’ grave?Q38: A very stylised frog. Where does he live?

quiz 2 no9

Q39: A Rennie-Mackintosh inspired window. Where is it?

quiz 2 no10

Q40: Where is this futuristic-looking concrete object?
Q41: What is it?

quiz 2 no11

Q42: A lovely round window. But where?

quiz 2 no2

Q43: Where would I find this bench?

quiz 2 no12

Q44: How many steps from Walsall Wood Bridge down on to the canal towpath?

Q45: Where is this letterbox and downpipe arrangement?

quiz 2 no17

Q46: Where did I notice this peacock?

quiz 2 no4

Q47: This is a sinister-looking installation. Where is it?
Q48: What is it?

quiz 2 no13

Q49: This is a residential road in our area. Where is it?

quiz 2 no14

Q50:What name is obscured here?

quiz 2 no8

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142 Responses to New year quiz 2016: part two for the explorers…

  1. Denis Jones says:

    Question 10
    Grove Mine Disaster
    Alfred Boden
    Alfred Heath
    Jack Holland
    Harry Smith
    John Whittaker
    William Whittaker

    Cheers Denis Jones Norton Canes

  2. Denis Jones says:

    Question 12

    Bridge over Burntwood By-Pass (Paviours Road)

    Ship Camouflage ww2

    Cheers Denis Jones Norton Canes

  3. lynn says:

    q 34 Walsall Wood Primary School Streets Corner

  4. Andy Dennis says:

    Q43. Where the old Brownhills Midland Railway station used to be.

  5. lynn says:

    q. 43 bench at Chasewater
    q 36 Gentleshaw

  6. Tim Jones says:

    Q 33…….I only know cause my firm’s HQ is opposite! Backyard brewery, gatehouse trading estate, Lichfield road…. (next door to Castings)

  7. Denis Jones says:

    Alongside canal and dismantled railway, rear of “One Stop” Pelsall Road

  8. Denis Jones says:

    Q21 Hymek Loco Pleasurewood Hill Theme Park

    Denis Jones

  9. DavidEvans says:

    36. Top,of humphires house flats
    39 st James school hall
    42 horse and jockey pub
    45 entrance to Brittany’s insurance high st bhills
    48 canalside rear of Barons Court..toward canal marina
    49 boundary rd Walsall wood
    50 miner bridge high st Brownhills

    Smashing quiz!

    • 36 – no, but nice thinking
      39 – no, sorry
      42 – You’re going to kick yourself, no
      45 – Close, can you be more specific, please?
      48 – no, but there is something /similar/ there
      49 – no, sorry
      50 – right lines, wrong spot!

      Good try!

  10. Christine says:

    Question 29 Brownhills Memorial Hall.

  11. David Evans says:

    Q42. Penny has dropped! 1908 might help….

  12. David Evans says:

    Sandhills ssww waterworks pumping house

  13. David Evans says:

    Scare crow….

  14. David Evans says:

    Ssww sandhills

  15. David Evans says:

    Chasewater crazy golf….line of old railway sleepers form black dots..

  16. David Evans says:

    Q36 antenna near the boat pub near muckley corner

  17. David Evans says:

    Methane vent..old atlas workings

  18. David Evans says:

    Anchor canal bridge with date..

  19. David Evans says:

    The old Spring cottage pub, now co op, shelfield

  20. Jane Mansfield says:

    Q32: The stig man on top of Motor Mobile Services 01543 373 216
    Q36: Mast is on the industrial estate somewhere at the top of my street Middleton/Freeth Road

  21. Jane Mansfield says:

    Q30. Railings along side Holland Park perhaps by the old maze….
    Q35 Roof line old houses on Walsall Wood Road Aldridge….

  22. David Evans says:

    q 47, 48
    its at the end of old Dumblederry Lane and I think its a vent for the Effluent Disposal aromatic liquids that were put down the old mine shafts …many years ago
    52 36 27 13 N’ 1 55 06 78 W
    another such is in Hall Lane Walsall Wood?

  23. David Evans says:

    q42 on the gable end of the new houses by the canal, Hall Lane,Walsall Wood, near the Black Cock bridge?

  24. David Evans says:

    q44 Thirty Nine steps? ..but no bell at the top.

  25. Jane Mansfield says:

    Q26: TV aerials Chase Rd/The Avenues
    Q30: Gold Railings St James Cemetary
    Q35: Vicarage Roof Brownhills
    Q38: Frog painting Rangers Hut Chasewater
    Q42: Round window converted church School Avenue Brownhills

  26. Andy Dennis says:

    Q30. Railings at Kingdom Hall, Pelsall Road?

  27. Andy Dennis says:

    Q50. Middleton Bridge?

  28. lynn says:

    Q.28 Walsall Wood off Salters Road
    Q.31 Chasewater post is a route marker
    Q.35 Roof line is it the memo
    Q.40 Pool Road, Chasewater near the Dam wall –
    Q.41air vent

  29. Andy Dennis says:

    Q35. Warreners Arms?

  30. lynn says:

    Q.15 happy chap at Walsall Wood football match end of September against Hereford.

  31. lynn says:

    Q. 26. Is the house in Friezland Lane.

  32. Jane Mansfield says:

    Q26: aerial ‘village chippy’ Brownhills
    Q35: roofline Hussey Arms the Parade Brownhills

  33. lynn says:

    Q.44 31 or 32 steps

  34. Jane Mansfield says:

    Q50: Name – Middleton Bridge

  35. lynn says:

    Q, 31 orienteering post Chasewater

  36. lynn says:

    Q. 49 Melin Close, Walsall Wood

  37. Hi – you lot going great guns – shall be along to tot up later or tomorrow (just getting some other stuff done!) – thanks for your wonderful answers!


  38. Clive says:

    Q41: Old petrol station at the bottom of Shire Oak A461. Q34: Streets corner School. Q36: Coppice Ind Est.

  39. Clive says:

    Q44: 19 steps that includes the foot path at the top

  40. Clive says:

    Q41: breather for old petrol tanks. Q26: Ogley School. Q35 Old George and Dragon Inn Clayhanger. Q46: Barnetts Lane, Brownhills.

    • Oh, wow.

      Q41 yes, quite right. This was a pressure vent and air inlet for the underground petrol tanks from when it was a petrol station. Modern ones have an elevated pipe arrangement.

      Q26 – Yes, rear of Ogley School, seen from the path by the cemetery. Well spotted

      Q35 – yes, now a community centre. It’s one of the views of the village, up Church Street. Surprised that didn’t go sooner

      Q46 – I’ll give you that. It’s in the cemetery, just by the main access road. It stands out as it’s the only marker on a grave

  41. Clive says:

    Q45: old labour exchange. Brownhills High St.

  42. Questions 28,31,37,45,47,49 still to go for!

    Results can be seen here (scroll down!):

    So far, for part 2
    Clive is on 6
    Jane Mansfield is on 4
    David Evans is on 3
    Andy Dennis is on 3
    Christine is on 1
    Tim Jones is on 1
    Lynn is on 1

    Cheers for being such good sports!

  43. David Evans says:

    The doorway by Claridges on Brownhills,high street, formerly Brittanic insurance, is now Jones solicitors, apparently.I think it may have been the entrance to a dentists at one time

  44. Andy Dennis says:

    Q28. Open space at Fort Crescent, by the end of New wood Close.

  45. lynn says:

    Q. 28 Park for the Castlefort estate off Druids Walk behind the old Working Mens Club. I used to play there as a child. Thank you for running the piece on the soup kitchen.

  46. lynn says:

    Q.31 post Brownhills common or Engine Lane.

  47. Andy Dennis says:

    Q31. A short way east of Lime Lane, before you get to the bulk of the spoil heap resulting from Grove Colliery (and then Engine Lane).

  48. lynn says:

    Q.47 Brownhills Common or Clayhanger “the spot” ? near small roundabout.

  49. lynn says:

    Q.16 David Evans pale imitations – Coles hill
    “images and captions supplied by David Evans, who seems not to be a fan of the new astroturf at Coleshill…”. Does Mr Evans prefer grass to astroturf. thanks for the clues would never of thought of this.

  50. David Evans says:

    hI Lynn
    Will cost you a bottle of real local brew, that’s if you win

  51. Clive says:

    Q38: chasewater railway. Q33: Boewolf brewery chasewater. Q38: Ravens Court Brownhills.

  52. Clive says:

    Q45: William Jones & Co ltd

  53. Questions 31,37,47,49 still to go for!

    Results can be seen here (scroll down!):

    So far, for part 2
    Clive is on 6
    Jane Mansfield is on 4
    David Evans is on 4
    Andy Dennis is on 4
    Christine is on 1
    Tim Jones is on 1
    Lynn is on 1

    Cheers for being such good sports!

  54. lynn says:

    Q.31 Rough Wood or the nature area off Shire Oak Hill the new estate

  55. lynn says:

    Q.37 William Roberts grave Ann his wife and George his nephew.

  56. Clive says:

    Q45: Rice and Co, Brownhills High St

  57. David Evans says:

    Q31 near rising sun island on Chester road side of the road..where trees were cut..leads to coppice land engine lane corner..I think the tress were cut some while ago to put a gas main down.
    Between the spoil of the old Bost Onion pit and the row of houses at the island..
    No? ..Shoiks

  58. David Evans says:

    Former petrol service station..iron dish, shelfield, now has some smart new houses nearing completion..Shelfield side of jockey meadows on a461 I wonder if the name iron dish will be retained for the new close?

  59. Clive says:

    Q47: Air vent for old mine over stubbers green, chemicals were dumped down there.

  60. Clive says:

    Q30: Church road, Brownhills.

  61. clive says:

    Q30: Thinking of wrong vent. should be: the one just of coppice lane, rear entry to ibstock. seen it on 365 days!

  62. Clive says:

    Q37: Ann Roberts and George Roberts.

    • Half right. But I’m going to give both you and Lynn a point for this, as I misread the inscription.

      On the south side of the grave (facing the back wall and church) It records George, and I thought Clara; but it actually just mentions her as his wife. Apologies.

  63. David Evans says:

    Q18. David Oakley mentioned a penny bodge and tuppeny treat in one of his glorious comments..from a sweet shop shop..was it Polly Dixons or Price Brownhills road, Walsall wood..or from Mrs Williams shop opposite st Johns medical centre. From the times of the immortal suckee fish sweets, troach drops, kaylie, licorice, gobstoppers. May also have been purchased from the sweet shop on Lichfield Road Walsall Wood, by the gates to the playing fields of Oak could a packet of five Park Drive, ahem…..good od days of rampant dental decay!

  64. Just question 49 still to go for!

    Results can be seen here (scroll down!):

    So far, for part 2
    Clive is on 8
    Jane Mansfield is on 4
    David Evans is on 4
    Andy Dennis is on 4
    Christine is on 1
    Tim Jones is on 1
    Lynn is on 3

    Cheers for being such good sports!

  65. Ah, a clue to Q49: It’s out West.

  66. David Evans says:

    End of Mayfields Drive Brownhills West….
    Worth a penny bodge?

  67. lynn says:

    Q.49 Blithfield Road Brownhills West

  68. David Evans says:

    Q18. 1930s.local men out of work..dressed up as Santa Claus. Toured Walsall Wood streets…had a would pay to have a dip in their sac..a cheap gift..a comb or some such wrapped up ..hard times..
    But..As I have just phoned David to ask, I should not be awarded a point, really Is this the most difficult question in the quiz?

    • Go on, I’ll give you that.

      A ‘Twopenny Dip’ was a 1930s Christmas gimcrack sold on the streets by men dressed in festive outfits: usually a cracker toy wrapped in a twist of tissue paper, according to David Oakley.

  69. Well done, all!

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