Former Shire Oak Pupils Celebrate with a 6 decade reunion!

Mick Jobburns, Robert Hopcroft and Derek Broadhurst planting the Oak Sapling – Image kindly supplied by Mick Jobburns.

It’s always great to hear from folks having school and workplace reunions, and I was very impressed to see the well organised and attended celebration of the first Shire Oak Grammar School intake in 1961.

It was held on 4th September at the school, organised by former pupil Mick Jobburns and his friends and was very popular.

Mick is keen to reach out to other former schoolmates and teachers with a view to future events, who may not have been aware of this reunion.

Mick wrote to tell me about it:

Shire Oak Grammar School 60 Year Reunion

On Saturday September 4th 2021 a reunion was held at Shire Oak Academy for the initial intake at Shire Oak Grammar School in 1961.

The event was attended by approximately 60 pupils and one teacher, Mr Relph James.

Mr James came over from France and former pupils came from all over the UK. Prior to the reunion an Oak Sapling was planted in the school’s Memorial Garden to commemorate pupils and teachers who are no longer with us. Over a period of months the organising committee of Mick Jobburns, Derek Broadhurst, David Hughes and Robert Hopcroft traced as many people as they could.

The afternoon comprised a running buffet, slideshow, Zoom virtual reunion for people unable to attend and guided tours of the school. Conversation was free flowing and numerous school freindships were renewed.

Shire Oak Academy and particularly Sara Read were unstinting in their support giving us the venue, equipment and time free of charge.

The day was that much of a success that there were calls to repeat it as soon as possible.

The two photographs show Mick Jobburns, Robert Hopcroft and Derek Broadhurst planting the Oak Sapling and a group enjoying the festivities.

Mick Jobburns

Thanks to Mick for telling us all about this, and if you were in the 1961/62 intake and would like to hook up with your former schoolmates and haven’t already, please do comment here on this post or mail me at BrownhillsBob at Googlemal dot com and I’ll hook you up with the gang.

Enjoying the reunion which seems to have been a great event. Image kindly supplied by Mick Jobburns.

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5 Responses to Former Shire Oak Pupils Celebrate with a 6 decade reunion!

  1. Malcolm Kelly says:

    Hi Bob hope you are fit and well.

    Great to see the recent post from Mick Jobburns detailing the Shire Oak reunion. I grew up with Mick, in the 1960’s, in Poplar Road Brownhills and I remember him with great affection. A group of us would always be playing football or cricket, train spotting or following the Wolves. Mick would often organise these and I can see he is still a great organiser.

    I recall that Poplar Road contributed at least 4 students to the fledgling SOGS – Mick moved across from Aldridge Grammar in 1961, Robert Law moved up in 1962 and Stephen Hollender and myself moved up in 1963. Not bad for one small road.

    I remember Mr James who I think taught French, and he used to take us for football where we played on the fields behind the Old Bush pub in Pelsall – before we had our own playing fields. He always reminded me of the comedian Jimmy Edwards with his grand moustache.

    In the early 1970’s Mick ran a football team from the Birlec, where he worked, and I played in goal for them for just one season I think. We won the Walsall Observer cup despite the fact that I had a poor game.

    I think the last time I saw Mick was at the Doghouse Folk Club in Shelfield in the early 70’s after which we went our separate ways.

    Wonderful memories and Mick it would be good to get in touch.

  2. John Shaw says:

    Hi Bob

    Really enjoyed reading the post from Mick Jobburns, as I was an original acorn at Shire Oak Grammar School in 1962. We also spent many hours playing football together at Shelfield United, Birlec and Brownhills United.
    Lost touch when we emigrated to Australia 33 years ago.
    I would be grateful if you could put me in touch with Mick.

    Many thanks

    John Shaw

    • Michael Jobburns says:

      Hello John,
      I’ve just been shown your post by John Anslow. I’m going to send an email to Brownhills Bob to see if we can be put in touch with each other. I don’t know if you’re on Facebook. I’m easy to find on there, there aren’t many Mick Jobburns’s. Hope to be in touch with you soon

  3. Vivien Bates says:

    Hi Shorty, remember when Miss Crawford said she’d eat her hat if you passed the 11 plus & you did. My Mum baked her a cake in the shape of a hat. Good times. Hope you’re well & happy. Viv Bates nee Moss

    • Michael Jobburns says:

      Hello Vivien,
      We are trying to contact as many former pupils as possible. Could you send me a private message on Facebook, I’m easy to find.

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