Who’s that girl?

In the informative and fascinating discussion over the question of George Colley and Lisa Ashby’s research into the Holden family that I feature here last week, an interesting side issue was raised: that of the identity of the well built lady in several 1926 General Strike era local photos.

Lisa thinks the woman is Louisa Holden, whilst reader Lynn thinks it’s Martha Price, who’s named in some images I’d not noticed in the book ‘A Picture Tour’ of Old Pelsall, Rushall and Shelfield’ by Bill Mayo and John Sale. I’ve scanned those images, and posted them below for reader perusal.

First up, is it the same lady?

Secondly, does anyone else have a view on who she might be?

Whilst I have the utmost respect for Bill Mayo and John Sale as the authors, the captions in history books are not always correct. But if it is indeed the same person in the images, she must have been fairly well known hereabouts.

I express no opinion, but you’re welcome to. Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

So, reader Lisa thinks the, um – larger – lady holding the bread centre right is her step Great Grandmother, Loisa Holden, whilst reader Lynn thinks she’s Great Great Aunt Martha Price, of Hall Lane, Walsall Wood. From ‘Coal Mining in Walsall Wood, Brownhills and Aldridge’ by Brian Rollins & Walsall Local History Centre.


Is this the same lady that was holding the bread in the image above? Image from ‘A Picture Tour of Old Pelsall, Rushall and Shelfield’ by Bill Mayo and John Sale.

Scan 2

I think there’s every chance this is the same woman behind the guy kneeling. Image from ‘A Picture Tour of Old Pelsall, Rushall and Shelfield’ by Bill Mayo and John Sale.

This one is more difficult – the mystery woman may not be in the image at all, but could also feasibly be the lady on left in the dark top, or more likely I think extreme right. From ‘Memories of Old Walsall Wood’ by Clarice Mayo & John Sale.

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9 Responses to Who’s that girl?

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    To start the ball rolling
    I suggest there are…
    Two.erm, plump ladies
    Image one and four;- lady number one
    Image two and three;- Lady number two
    Are we sure image four is related to a miners strike?
    Why bring a top hat, fiddle, gramophone and landlord for image three
    Is theviolinist holding the instrument correctly, by the way?

    Kind regards

    • I don’t think there’s much question many people in image one are in image four – you have, in the past, accepted the two images as related. The burning question is where was image four taken?

      Remember the comment about photographed holding bread and having to give it back once the photo was taken? Hoping this may jog an Anslow memory or two…


    • Also, the two Shelfield images are clearly featuring same guy in braces, although they seem to be in front of a different building.

      They do seem like press photos to me, if I’m honest


  2. Elaine O'Neill says:

    I do not think that the lady in the first photo is the same lady shown in the following two photos, and she’s not in the last photo. People did not move a great deal from area to area depending on what work needed to be done they would not have the time.

  3. Andy Dennis says:

    I have no idea who the ladies were, but I think David’s right. The lady in pics 2 &3 had a much broader nose. Her hair was also different, but we all know women who change the way they wear their hair from time to time. The buildings behind pics 2 & 3 are not the same.

    As for the gramophone and fiddle, well, they made their own fun in those days and perhaps it was needs all the more in hard times. Could easily be a birthday or some other event. Presumably, the chap with the apron was a shopkeeper or publican?

    Note the tin bath in pic3. These tell us so much about what life was like.

    In pic 4, where is the soup?

  4. lynn says:

    Hi Bob
    Thanks for running this post the ladies do look different I was trying to see if any of the same members appear in each photo. It could be two separate groups being photographed. In picture 2 the man is holding up a tin could it be corned beef for the sandwiches/cobs. The group with instruments were fund raising according to the write up.

    What ages would people put on the two ladies I’m just checking dates.

  5. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I think image no 2 may have been printed reversed! Perhaps the tin says Beef Cooked.

  6. Emma mason says:

    The larger lady from New Street Shelfield we think may be my great great nan Elizabeth Price who after researching my ancestry found out she livednin New Street Shelfield with her husband who was a miner named John Price who was from Montgomeryshire Wales

  7. Vicky says:

    Just discovered these photos, my relation was Martha Price from shelfield

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