New year quiz 2016: part one for the researchers…

If you don’t fancy these questions, the second half of the quiz can be found by clicking here.


As the sun rises on another year, your chance to win beer and sharpen your research skills is at hand!

Sorry, I’m running dreadfully late – here it is, the Brownhills Blog New Year 2016 quiz. Get stuck in and see if you can win! Last year’s was a great success, but it didn’t run for long so we’ve had a bit of a format change.

The questions will be released in 2 groups. The first, this group 1-25, are aimed at those who maybe can’t get out so much or aren’t living locally: they can all be answered from research online, either from posts on this blog, my 365daysofbiking tumblr, or by thinking laterally.

I will release a second observation set of questions tomorrow, for the hawkeyes amongst you who like to get out and explore. I will award Backyard Beer prizes (or equivalent) to the winners of each group. As usual, there are also spot prizes of local history or other books for the lateral thinkers or people who stand out.

To give everyone a sporting chance, comments will not open until 6pm, Saturday 2nd January 2016. Answers will close at 9pm, Sunday 10th January 2016, or until every question is answered beforehand.

If many remain unanswered, I’ll award the prizes and leave the remainder open for spot prizes. I would ask that readers not answer the questions based on their content 😉

Remember, this is just for fun!

Points will be awarded to the first person to comment the correct answer to any question. All questions worth one point unless stated. After that, no points will be handed out for answering it again. I will tot up the scores as we go. Answers will only be accepted as comments to this post, and my decision will be open and final.

Remember to include the number of the question in your comment, otherwise it won’t be counted! Answers will only be accepted as comments here – any on Facebook, Twatter or via email will be ignored.

Don’t worry if your comment is held in moderation, I will take the submission time if necessary.

I don’t expect anyone to get lots right. I think the questions are diverse enough that a fairly low score might well win – so do have a go. If the result is a draw, I’ll hold a tie breaker. What form that will take will depend on the result. Please just take a punt, and have fun.

Good luck!

Q1: Whose legs?


Q2: Where did I unexpectedly encounter a goldfish?

Q3: Whose half-brother was Joe Jackson?

Q4: Where is this curiously named edifice?


Q5: Which pig owner could be relied on, and for what?

Q6: What object is on the draftsman’s desk, besides the book as he uses a slide rule?

Q7: Where is this reading room?


Q8: William Bealey Harrison was defeated by two opponents. Who were they? (1 point!)

Q9: Who did David Evans remember as ‘a kindly gentleman’?

Q10: Who’s missing in this tragic list? (1 point)


Q11: Reference the above list. Four are elsewhere. This year we found out where. Tell me the locations of the 4, please? (1 point)

Q12: Where’s this, and what did it remind me of?


Q13: A Knight and a Baron were on the Committee, but who was the secretary?

Q14: Where was one casualty treated before being brought down on a sliding ladder?

Q15: What event was this happy chap attending?


Q16: David Evans prefers the real thing to pale imitations. What am I talking about?

Q17: Where is this, and what does it mean?


Q18:What, according to one prominent commenter here, was a Twopenny Dip?

Q19: What’s the number of Morning Star?

Q20: This bonny baby is a long time friend of the blog. Who is it?


Q21: What was D7023 and where did it end up?

Q22: Why was it ironic that the Chief Superintendent’s wife was Joe’s aunt?

Q23: What are these?


Q24: How much was the Brooks B17 Standard on special offer for the event?

Q25: When were the canal basins at Brownhills Station officially completed?

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78 Responses to New year quiz 2016: part one for the researchers…

  1. Pedro says:

    Q 1…The legs belong to Margaret Ann Preston (Don’t tell the wife I could answer this question!)

    Q 19….The number of Morning Star is 70021

  2. lynn says:

    Question 1 Margaret Ann Preston
    Q. 3 Ethel Lewis nee Jackson
    Q. 5 William Roberts relied on his charity work and Christian
    Q. 9 Mr Harry Beardsmore
    Q.10 Grove Pit Alfred Boden, Alfred Heath, John Hollan, Harry Smith, John Bernard Whittaker and William Whittaker.
    Q.11 Four are buried at Walsall Wood cemetery

    • Pedro beat you to q1
      Denis has claimed q10 & 12 on the other post, and just pipped you – sorry

      q3 – yes!
      q5 – no, sorry
      q9 – Well done!
      q11 – no, 25% correct

  3. Denis Jones says:

    Question 6
    Book Containing information about Drill sizes ,taps and dies
    Cheers Denis Jones Norton Canes

  4. lynn says:

    Q. 21 Chasewater Narrow Gauge Railway remember it as a child. Is it now at the Chasewater Museum.
    Q. 15 Was the happy chap at one of the Brownhills talks by Gerarld Reece.

    • Q21 Yes, it was a narrow gauge loco. I’ll give you that, but I need to know where it went… not Chasewater as far as I’m aware (can I say that’s not what I have on the card?)

      Q15 no, sorry

  5. Denis Jones says:

    Q19 Morning Star SM8832
    Denis Jones

  6. Q 2 – goldfish was in a sheep trough in the Manifold Valley, Farewell Lane to be exact
    Q8 – W.B.Harrison was defeated by Sir Courtenay Warner and – more memorably – Albert Stanley.
    Q 10 – The missing names are Alfred Boden; Alfred Heath; Harry Smith; John Bernard Whittaker and William Whittaker
    Q 21 – 7023 , a locomotive, went to Ireland in the mid 1980s and, sad to say, hasn’t been seen since.
    Q 23 – the picture shows ice studs, finicky to put into your bike tyres, though – apparently – it gets easier with practice. About 4 of them onto a £1 coin – you did yours on 5 Jan 2015.
    Q24 – A Brooks B17 standard bike sale was only £59 at Erdington Bike Jumble Sale on 7 March 2015.
    Q 25 – Basins completed on 10 March 1856 – with invitation to apply to John Brown, General Manager, for rates for usage.

    • Hi you. Just reminded me I forgot to plug your book! I shall rectify that next week.

      q2 – yup! Still amazed at that
      q8 – yes, I’ll give you that. Badly worded question. Bonus point for someone else who defeated him?
      Q10 – Denis got that one, sorry
      q21 – That one’s also gone to Lynn and Denis
      Q23 – Yowser! Yes! Quite right. Made me a tool for it this year, which is why the weather is so warm
      q24 – Astounded you got this – Erdington Bike Jumble. Come on, please show your working out!
      Q25 – yes, perfect!

      Strong entry there

  7. David Evans says:

    Q4. In Darlaston…Franchise St

  8. David Evans says:

    Map of new housing development..the private houses the council put up in Shelfield and simmonds way..would say simmonds way site

  9. Pedro says:

    Q 8…WB Harrison was beaten in the 1900 general election by Sir Courtney Warner, and in the 1889 Staffs County elections by G Brawn.

  10. David Evans says:

    Q20. Gerald Reece

  11. David Evans says:

    Air raid practice exercise at Lanes farm,early days of ww2

  12. Jane Mansfield says:

    Can I phone a friend?

  13. lynn says:

    q. 15 Is the happy chap at the slideshow and talk given by Bill Mayo and Geoff it was held at the small church in Clayhanger.
    q. 6 Is it a pen or pencil.

  14. David Evans says:

    q6…got “caught in time here.”.in the film sequence at the bumper factory (Perfichrome?) the engineer has a slide rule, a black book a set square and a plan of a/ the factory on the table in front of him..around 19 mins in to the film Not sure about his collarsize, though.
    cheers…do I get a penny bodge or a twopenny di-p for this?

  15. lynn says:

    Q. 20 baby picture is Julie Le Moine

  16. lynn says:

    Q.13 Mr David Pitt Secretary

  17. lynn says:

    Q. 16 beer or coffee

  18. Hi – you lot going great guns – shall be along to tot up later or tomorrow (just getting some other stuff done!) – thanks for your wonderful answers!


  19. Questions 4,5,7,11,13,16,17,18,22 still to go for!

    Results can be seen here:

    So far, for part 1
    Victoria Owens is on 5
    Lynn is on 5
    Denis Jones is on 4
    David Evans is on 1
    Peter Cutler is on 1

    Cheers for being such good sports!

  20. Andy Dennis says:

    Q5. Mr Harry Johnson of Cradley Heath?

  21. lynn says:

    Q16 Coal just a guess

  22. David Evans says:

    Hi Lynn and all other entrants, of course…
    q16 try coal..s..hill..?
    Young David

  23. lynn says:

    Q.11 Walsall Wood church
    Q.18 Mrs Williams sweet shop with shebutt dip
    Q 22 The irony is that the Chief Superintendent’s wife was Joe’s aunt, and, as Joe had married his first cousin Gert, she was Gert’s aunt too!
    Q 28 Park behind the Labour Club in Salters Road

  24. Clive says:

    Q7: Reading room in Footherley (old tin building)

    • Yes, very well done. Marked on maps between about 1900 and 1935, I assume it’s what become the Working Men’s Club. I think there’s history to be explored there.

  25. Clive says:

    q16: Ale / Beer

  26. Questions 4,5,11,13,17,18 still to go for!

    Results can be seen here:

    So far, for part 1
    Lynn is on 7
    Victoria Owens is on 5
    Denis Jones is on 4
    David Evans is on 2
    Peter Cutler is on 1
    Clive has 1
    Cheers for being such good sports!

  27. Q 11 – John Bernard Whittaker buried at Brookland Road cemetery, Walsall Wood.

    I am finding this year’s quiz hard work! – can I claim ¼ of a point?!!!

  28. lynn says:

    Q.11 the 4 men are buried at Walsall Wood cemetary Brookland Road
    from the Blog 20 September 2010
    I found John’s headstone near the path in the older of the two graveyards situated off Brookland Road. In the shade of several conifers and a sycamore, the grave sits in a neatly mowed plot just off the main path through the burial ground.

  29. Hi – will get not to marking later today, sorry, time beat me last night.

    Just a note on the miners – John Bernard Whittaker is indeed buried in Walsall Wood. But the other three victims were buried elsewhere. In recent months, someone has commented and stated the locations – which have always been a mystery to me.


  30. lynn says:

    Q.11 Still at the Grove Pit

  31. Clive says:

    Q10: missing names: James Malloy; John Whittaker; Alfie Boden; John Holland.
    Q11: James Malloy buried Hammerwich; John Whittaker buried Walsall Wood; Alfie Boden buried Norton Canes; John Holland buried Pelsall.

  32. Clive says:

    Q18: Ice cream.

  33. Clive says:

    Q13: King

  34. Questions 4,5,13,17,18 still to go for!

    Results can be seen here:

    So far, for part 1
    Lynn is on 7
    Victoria Owens is on 5
    Denis Jones is on 4
    Clive has 2
    David Evans is on 2
    Peter Cutler is on 1

    Cheers for being such good sports!

  35. Right. Time for some clues.

    For Anonymus, which city do I particularly like?
    The pig-owner lived in Clayhanger and helped a young lad in his occupation
    There was an annual event that started in the 1930s that took a committee to run
    I will tell you this is a QR code
    David Oakley remembered the twopenny dip

    That should give you something to try

  36. Q4 – Leicester

    I think I would have lost my “1/4 point ” when Clive got all the four names – does this get me on the scoreboard?

    October 2nd – I felt this was probably going to be the last good day of the Indian summer, and headed out for a long ride. I had a small errand to do in Leicester, so caught the train at dawn, and resolved to ride home on NCN 6 to Derby, then back from there along the Trent corridor.
    I came through Spinney Hills early in the day. This row of remarkable terraces – all named after classical characters – is astounding.
    Every time I come to Leicester I spot some new architectural gem. I love this place.

  37. Clive says:

    Q13: Mr Fullelove

  38. lynn says:

    Q.5 Mr Howdle helped Mr Stringer get a job just a guess
    Q.17 code I thought it would be on a library building or the Annexe but I couldn’t see on either building but I have seen it somewhere maybe Streets Corner school.

  39. Andy Dennis says:

    Right. let’s try this.

    Q17. Going on the brickwork / concrete background and the all mod-cons nature of the place, could it be Cooperative Food at Streets Corner? Means you can pay with your phone or other mobile device.

  40. lynn says:

    Q.4 Birmingham
    Q.13 Brownhills carnival

  41. clive says:

    Q17: Qr code is on the lefthand side of the entrance to St John’s Church,Walsall Wood , they have info such as a blog on the building or location on map etc, I have not got anything to scan it so just guess work!

    • Yes, bang on. It actually takes you to the Church website if you scan it. By the time you’ve done all that, you could have typed the web address in… it was mentioned on my 365 days journal last year.

  42. Jus two questions left – Q5 and Q13. I think you have enough clues to get those now.

    Well done everyone, shall post the results this evening.

    Cheers for being good sports in the face of very tough questions.


  43. lynn says:

    Thank you Bob for the quiz this year enjoyed reading through the blog and looking at the old maps.

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