Born and bred

Just a brief note to flag up a new blog on the local history block, which I’m feeling a bit smug about, really. Susan Marie Ward has put a lot of time into local history – she’s been active in the Stonnall History Group on Facebook, has started the Aldridge Local History Group in the same place and after a good deal of nagging, she’s started a blog all of her own.

A corker it seems to be, too.

Susan clearly enjoys physical geography and local landscape history, so her blog will complement those other great blogs Lichfield Lore and Tamworth Time Hikes. Posessed of an enquiring, open mind, readers may recall that Susan is the lady who grew up in Keeper’s Cottage, Footherley, which is now crumbling and being carried to dust. I’ve enjoyed many social media discussions with Susan, and look forward to many more, whilst watching a new blog develop.

On a side note, I’m glad Susan has taken this step – far too much stuff is being trusted to Facebook right now, which is causing me some concern. Facebook isn’t indexed by Google, so stuff posted there is largely invisible to the wider internet. Further, Facebook have a shaky record of clearing old groups and suchlike, so nothing so posted can be considered permanent. Much better to use something like a WordPress blog which is more secure in terms of tenure and integrity.

Susan has written a great piece on Orgreave Hall and it’s ha-ha. The hall was once part of the Harrison empire. Click on the screenshot to visit the blog.

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  1. Pedro says:

    Hi Bob

    Thanks for highlighting this new Blog, and I agree that it is much better than Facebook to reach a greater audience.

    Of course the mention of Orgreave Hall started my alarm bells concerning the Harrison Family. Orgreave seems now to be one of the many examples of these type of buildings being used as Care Homes, such as Holbeche House that was associated with the Gunpowder Plot.

    To put Orgreave Hall in the Harrison timeline…

    Mr Harrison Esq moved to Stafford Street, Walsall and then acquired Eastlands House in Leamington and Norton Hall. His son WB Harrison (the Captain) then acquired Aldershawe, and his son WE Harrison (the Colonel) first acquired Orgreave Hall and later Wychor. No doubt the sale of Aldershawe helped the finances.

    Orgreave Hall is Grade II Listed and the details can be seen here…

    All the best Pedro

  2. I’m basking in the glow of internet attention, and am very proud to be your online associate!

    Just a little clarification: It was my dad who was brought up at Keepers Cottage, Footherley. His parents moved there in the 20s, and my Uncle Bill was its last occupant in the 80s. Confusingly….or perhaps inevitably….I have lived in Keepers Cottage, Orgreave, for 21 years. That’s my anonymity shot!

    Orgreave Hall reverted to being a private residence several years ago. Mr Leavesley and his young family occupy it. A latter day Colonel Harrison? Perhaps, or perhaps not. He certainly attended Sandhurst!

  3. Pedro says:

    Interesting that you say that Orgreave Hall is privately owned as when I Googled it there were several mentions of it being a Residential Home.

    WE Harrison, known to his friends as the Colonel, wethinks got his titles via the Territorials…

    “Captain Harrison’s son WE Harrison filled the role of officer commanding in the new company and was immediately appointed to the rank of Major despite having no previous military experience. He later becomes Lieut-Colonel…”

    Regards Pedro

  4. Kate Gomez says:

    Really enjoying Susan’s blog & looking forward to many more posts. I love reading other people’s takes on places. In fact I would like to do an experiment where several people do a blog post on the same placeto see what elements of that place they each pick up on. Sorry I’m digressing, must be the heat! Also; Bob, thanks as ever for all the support of my ramblings 🙂

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