Not worth the paper it’s written on

The saga of Aldridge Manor and the winding down of youth services in Walsall is still rumbling on, and the issue is still being pursued by doughty campaigner Linda Mason. In a post on her blog a few days ago Lind detailed a recent letter she has received  from Walsall Council which appears to be in almost total denial of the facts.

The Councillors may have wandered away now that the by-election is over, the Council Officers may be trying to fob us off, but neither I nor Linda have forgotten the issue of Aldridge Manor and the winding down of youth services in Walsall.

The Manor is apparently sold and will soon close, and Council officers are still utterly incapable of finding any kind of replacement premises. Linda speaks eloquently and passionately about the service she loves, and about the dissembling, stalling and evasion of those in charge.

This issue will not go away.

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Please click on the screen shot to read Linda’s grey and incisive post.

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