In a cursory Manor

Just a quick note to flag up a wonderful post that passed by in a flurry of other stuff late last week. The Councillors may be trying to forget it, Council Officers may be trying to forget they promised another public meeting, but neither I, nor Linda have forgotten the issue of Aldridge Manor and the winding down of youth services in Walsall.

Here, Linda makes great points and raises uncomfortable questions for those in charge. If you came to this post from The YamYam, you’ll notice several posts below this one from Liberal Democrat leader and coalition partner in Walsall, Ian Shires. Oddly, in the constant dribble of PR spin he generates, he’s not once mentioned Youth Services, and neither have his mates, Pete Smith and  his fellow independents.

One should measure politicians by what they don’t say. Long after they have wandered away bored, Linda and the community will continue to push this.

This issue will not go away.

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Click on the screen shot to read Linda’s post.

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