Words worth digesting

This is just a quick one about the madness ongoing over Brownhills Common. There will be more later in the week, but if you’re wanting to keep up with this stuff, there’s been a followup report in the Express & Star, and a predictably alarmist view from the Walsall Advertiser, the second photograph from which actually demonstrates the reason the area requires heathland management – evergreen saplings competing with heather.


It might look pretty, but undealt with, these saplings will crowd out the heather. Image from the Walsall Advertiser.

There have also been positive voices – Morgan Bowers from Countryside Services at Walsall Council has put together a great leaflet which will be available in Brownhills Library (as well as other places) which you can download here, or check the images at the foot of this article.

The other positive voice is one I respect immensely, and the Local Committee and others should heed what is said carefully. Chaz Mason is a man who commands respect for his knowledge of ecology and wildlife, curates a brilliant blog for Ryders Mere, and is a great birding voice in the Midlands. He’s also a Clayhanger lad and knows his stuff.

Chaz is a lot more moderate in tone than I, but he is bang on the money. Ignore him at our ecology’s peril.

More later in the week.

Untitled 4

Chaz runs a fine blog with a large readership. Click on the screenshot to read his wise words.

Heath LeafletA5

Heathland management leaflet by Morgan Bowers. Click for a larger version. Feel fee to print out and share.

Heath LeafletA52

Heathland management leaflet by Morgan Bowers. Click for a larger version. Feel fee to print out and share.

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  1. Pedro says:

    Thanks to Bob for keeping the debate to the fore. Obviously lines written in early Spring!

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